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"Our values are defined by our purpose - which is to help people get on in their lives through 'education' in the broadest sense of the word." - Marjorie Scardino, CEO of Pearson.

Pearson is a global media and education company with world-leading businesses in education, business information, and consumer publishing. Our primary mission is to help people of all ages learn more so they can live better. In bringing together the world's best-known and respected academic and technical publishers, Pearson offers the vast experience and dependable content that builds a strong foundation for excellence in teaching and learning. Our leading academic and technical publishers include

- Addison Wesley - Addison Wesley Professional
- Prentice Hall - Prentice Hall Professional
- Allyn & Bacon - Que/Brady/SAMS Publishing
- Longman - Peachpit Press
- Benjamin Cummings - IBM & Cisco Presses
- Inform IT - Contren Learning Press

Together, these imprints publish more market-leading best-sellers than any of our competitors and educate more than 130 million people worldwide. Pearson's broad range of academic and technical content, combined with enhanced services for educators, administrators, corporations, training centers, and students, leads the world in advancing education.

In addition to print textbooks and as part of "PearsonChoices", Pearson leads the way in offering textbooks in alternate formats and in a range of price points, to meet the needs of a changing student population. For students looking to stretch their textbook dollar, we offer electronic textbooks at often half-off the cost of print editions through CourseSmart (www.coursemsmart.com), the largest etextbook store on the internet. For busy students on the go, we also offer VangoNotes, audio study guides coordinated to leading Pearson textbooks that can be downloaded and played on most common mp3 players- including Apple's iPod. Whether you are a visual or auditory learner, we've got your needs covered.

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