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Absolute Java, 5th Edition

By Walter Savitch, Kenrick Mock

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Mar 9, 2012

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Praised for providing an engaging balance of thoughtful examples and explanatory discussion, best-selling author Walter Savitch explains concepts and techniques in a straightforward style using understandable language and code enhanced by a suite of pedagogical tools.  Absolute Java is appropriate for both introductory and intermediate programming courses introducing Java.

Table of Contents

Brief Contents

Chapter 1        Getting Started          1

Chapter 2        Console Input and Output         57

Chapter 3        Flow of Control         95

Chapter 4        Defining Classes I          167

Chapter 5        Defining Classes II         253

Chapter 6        Arrays     339

Chapter 7        Inheritance        419

Chapter 8        Polymorphism and Abstract Classes           473

Chapter 9        Exception Handling       513

Chapter 10      File I/O      567

Chapter 11      Recursion          639

Chapter 12      UML and Patterns        677

Chapter 13      Interfaces and Inner Classes           699

Chapter 14      Generics and the ArrayList Class 747

Chapter 15      Linked Data Structures            791

Chapter 16      Collections, Maps and Iterators           889

Chapter 17      Swing I     933

Chapter 18      Swing II    1011

Chapter 19      Java Never Ends          1077

Chapter 20      Applets and HTML (online at

Appendix 1        Keywords        1131

Appendix 2        Precedence and Associativity Rules     1133

Appendix 3        Unicode Character Set              1135

Appendix 4        Format Specifications for printf             1137

Appendix 5        Summary of Classes and Interfaces             1139

                            IndeX     1207