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Acoustics in Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences: An Introduction, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Ian R. A. MacKay

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Sep 12, 2013

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This comprehensive, clearly written, and student-friendly introduction to acoustics and the acoustics of speech is suitable for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students of audiology, speech-language pathology, linguistics, and cognitive science/psychology.


This comprehensive introduction to acoustics and the science of speech takes a topic that is often challenging to students, and presents it in a clearly written, reader-friendly approach that makes the concepts accessible. Using examples and analogies from everyday life or general experience, the text helps explain aspects of basic acoustics in the context of communication disorders and speech research, with a special emphasis on helping students achieve a high level of understanding.


In addition to a wealth of pedagogical features, the book includes a helpful reviews of concepts that students might have studied previously, but are essential to understanding the material—reading graphs, the nature of atmospheric pressure, significant digits, scientific notation, numerical scales, basic phonetics, and more. Mathematically the book stops short of calculus, using inductive reasoning to present material.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1  Preview


Chapter 2   The Nature of Sound Part I


Refresher A   Graphs

Refresher B   Atmosphere


Chapter 3  The Nature of Sound Part II

Refresher C   Scientific Notation

Refresher D  Significant Digits


Chapter 4   Analog Signals and Digitization

Refresher E   Binary Numbers


Chapter 5   Complex Waves


Chapter 6   Recording


Chapter 7   Spectra


Chapter 8   Analysis

Refresher F   Measurement

Refresher G   Estimate Answer


Chapter 9   Decibels and RMS

Refresher H   Numerical Scales

Refresher I   Logs


Chapter 10   Filters


Chapter 11   Resonance


Chapter 12   Vowels and the Source-Filter Theory

Refresher J   Phonetics


Chapter 13   Consonants


Chapter 14  Suprasegmentals


Chapter 15  Psychoacoustics


Appendix Front Matter                                                           

Appendix 1   Formulas

Appendix 2   Values

Appendix 3   Units

Appendix 4   Abbreviations


Glossary  /  Index       

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Acoustics in Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences: An Introduction, CourseSmart eTextbook
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