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Action Research in Education, 2nd Edition

By Ernie Stringer

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 10, 2007


Action research, applied systematically to the issue of poor academic performance, provides a high likelihood of improving student outcomes. The action research processes described in this book are honed by many years of successful application, and provide teachers, educational leaders, families and community members with a set of tools for engaging with significant problems in classrooms and schools.  This book is designed to provide the reader with an understanding of the nature of action research and the procedures and applications of action research.  In addition, it provides practical resources that add to the fundamentals of knowledge available to action researchers.  The text is detailed, providing specific guidance for many of the skills that may be required for the different contexts and problems to which action research can be applied.  Conceptual frameworks provide a "compass" or "roadmap" that will enable practitioners to keep track of action research processes applied to their work.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1        The Purposes of Action Research

Chapter 2        Understanding Action Research: Paradigms and Methods

Chapter 3        Initiating a Study: Research Design

Chapter 4        Gathering Data: Sources of Information

Chapter 5        Identifying Key Issues: Data Analysis

Chapter 6        Reporting: Communicating Research Processes and Outcomes

Chapter 7        Taking Action: Passion, Purpose, and Pathways

Chapter 8        Case Studies: Action Research Reports, Presentations, and Performances

Chapter 9        Online Resources