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Activities for Teaching Science as Inquiry, CourseSmart eTextbook, 7th Edition

By Joel E. Bass, Terry L. Contant, Arthur A. Carin

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Apr 8, 2008

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Research tells us that an inquiry approach to science teaching motivates and engages every type of student, helping them understand science's relevance to their lives, as well as the nature of science itself. Teaching Science as Inquiry demonstrates a manageable way for new and experienced teachers to bring inquiry successfully into the science classroom through a 2-part structure: Methods for Teaching Science as Inquiry and Activities for Teaching Science as Inquiry. The Activities portion follows the 5-E model (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate), a Learning Cycle model introduced in the methods chapters that reflects the NSES Science as Inquiry Standards.


With a new theme of "accountable inquiry," this leading methods text has a renewed focus on assessment (focusing on backwards planning, aligning objectives with assessments, and how to develop understanding of concepts that appear on standardized tests throughout the process of inquiry). 

Table of Contents

Section I:    Teaching Inquiry Science Activities

When Scientists and Students Inquire

Phases of Inquiry Instruction: The 5-E Model

Characteristics of Inquiry Classrooms

About the Science Activities in This Book

Using the Science Activities in This Book

Getting Started with Inquiry Science


Section II:    Physical Sciences Activities

Properties of Matter

Motion and Forces


Temperature and Heat




Section III:    Life Science Activities

Characteristics of Organisms

Organisms and Their Environments

Structures and Functions of Human Systems

Section IV:    Earth and Space Science Activities

Rocks and Minerals

Atmosphere, Weather, and Climate of the Earth

The Earth's Oceans

Viewing the Sky From Earth





Appendix A:    Safety Suggestions for Elementary and Middle School Inquiry Activities

Appendix B:    Measuring Tools, Measuring Skills

Appendix C:    Selected Sources of Science Supplies, Models, Living Things, Kits, and Software

Appendix D:    Selected Science Education Periodicals for Teachers and Children

Appendix E:    Professional Societies for Teachers, Supervisors, and Science Educators

Appenidx F:    Contemporary Elementary Science Projects and Programs

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