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Adobe After Effects CC Visual Effects and Compositing Studio Techniques, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Mark Christiansen

Published by Adobe Press

Published Date: Aug 1, 2013



This is the only book to focus exclusively on the creation of visual effects for After Effects, and is a one-stop resource for students who wants in-depth explanations that demystify the realm of visual effects and how they were created. A thoroughly packed, informative read, this masterful guide focuses on explaining the essential concepts, features, and techniques that are key to creating seamless movie-quality visual effects. Students who are comfortable with After Effects will find a helpful review of the fundamentals—managing footage, viewing and editing layers, animating type, and more—so they can learn how to work smarter and more efficiently. Students of all levels will learn core techniques for effects compositing including color matching, keying, rotoscoping, motion tracking, emulating the camera, and concluding with using expressions in After Effects. The final section of the book delves into creative explorations, demonstrating professional effects that students might want to re-create.


Included with the book are downloadable HD media files and After Effects project files used for many of the techniques in the book, as well as demos of plug-ins that students can use to experiment with in their own effects.


Download a copy of Adobe Creative Cloud PTG Product Guide from the PTG Academic Sales NEO group:

It includes a complete list of PTG CC products by application and user level and includes bestseller information.



Table of Contents

Ch 1: Composite in AE

Ch 2: The Timline

Ch 3: Selection: the Key to Composititng

Ch 4: Optimize Projects

Ch 5: Color Correction

Ch 6: Color Keying

Ch 7: Rotoscoping and Paint

Ch 8: Effective Motion Tracking

Ch 9: The Camera and Optics

Ch 10: Expression

Ch 11: Adv Color Options and HDR

Ch 12: Color and Light

Ch 13: Climate and the Environment

Ch 14: Pyrotechnics: Heat, Fire, Explosions

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Adobe After Effects CC Visual Effects and Compositing Studio Techniques, CourseSmart eTextbook
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