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Adobe Audition CC Classroom in a Book, CourseSmart eTextbook

By . Adobe Creative Team

Published by Adobe Press

Published Date: May 29, 2013


The 16 project-based lessons in this book show students step-by-step the key techniques for working in Audition CC. Starting with the basics of audio interfacing and the Audition environment, students will move on to working in Waveform View, performing such tasks as basic editing, signal processing, audio restoration, mastering, and creating and recording files. The book also covers basic multitrack orientation and track parameters, creating music with sound libraries and by overdubbing, mixing strategies, and working with video. 

In addition, in this new updated version for Creative Cloud, students will learn about new effects like Stereo Expander, which widens the stereo image for a bigger-than-life sound, and Frequency Band Splitter, which extracts individual frequency bands from a file to their own separate files. Students will also explore numerous workflow enhancements, including track colorization to help identify tracks in multitrack projects, improved clip handling and merging, extended key commands, and more.



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Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Audio interfacing

Audio interface basics

Mac OS X audio setup

Windows setup

Audio channel mapping

Testing the audio setup

Using external audio interfaces


Chapter 2: The Audition environment

Waveform vs. Multitrack views

The Audition workspace





Chapter 3: Basic Editing

Opening files

Selecting regions and changing levels

Non-linear editing


Chapter 4: Signal processing

The effects rack

Amplitude and Compression

Delay and Echo effects

Filter and EQ effects

Modulation effects

Reverb effects

Special effects


Stereo imaging

Time and Pitch effects

Using third-party VST and AU effects

Using the effects menu

Managing effects presets        


Chapter 5: Audio Restoration

Reducing hiss via Noise Reduction

Click/pop eliminator

Reducing broadband noise


Removing artifacts with the spectral display


Chapter 6: Mastering

Mastering basics

Applying EQ

Applying dynamics

Applying ambience

Enhancing the stereo image

Altering amplitude

File conversion



Chapter 7: Sound design

Special effects

Pushing the envelope of processing


Chapter 8: Creating and recording files

Recording into the Waveform Editor

Recording into the Multitrack Editor

Drag and Drop into an Audition Editor

Importing Audio from CDs

Saving Templates




Chapter 9: Basic multitrack orientation

About Multitrack production

Commonalities with waveform view and integration between the two

Looped playback

Track controls

Track areas

Channel mapping

Side-chaining effects


Chapter 10: The Multitrack Mixer View

Mixer view basics

Using hardware controller

Mixer customization via show/hide options

Channel scrolling


Chapter 11: Editing Clips


Mixing or exporting a collection of clips

Fitting to specific durations

Basic clip automation

Add effects to individual clips

Extend a clip via looping


Chapter 12: Creating music with sound libraries

About Sound Libraries

Building a rhythm track

Adding percussion

Adding melodic elements

Matching tempo among disparate loops

Matching pitch among disparate loops

Adding processing


Chapter 13: Recording in the Multitrack Editor

Multitrack recording

Getting ready to record a track

Setting up the metronome and the metronome track

Recording a part in a track

Recording an additional part (overdubbing)

Punching in over a mistake

Composite recording


Chapter 14: Automation

About automation

Advanced clip automation

Track automation


Chapter 15: Mixing strategies

About Mixing

The Mixing Process



Chapter 16: Working with Video

Importing video into Audition

Automatic speech alignment

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