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Advanced Engine Performance Diagnosis, CourseSmart eTextbook, 5th Edition

By James D. Halderman

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jan 3, 2011

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For courses in Engine Performance and Drivability, Computerized Engine Controls, Automotive Computers, and Automotive Fuel Emissions–in automotive departments of vocational and trade schools as well as community colleges. 


Advanced Engine Performance Diagnosis, Fifth Edition, offers a practical, hands-on introduction to the diagnosis and troubleshooting of automotive engine control systems. It serves students as a single source for information on digital storage oscilloscopes, fuel injection and ignition system diagnoses, five-gas exhaust analysis, emission testing, and more–with a very technical, but easy-to-read and understand, presentation.


This title meets the needs for a textbook that combines topics in engine performance (ASE A8 content area) and topics covered in the advanced engine performance (L1) ASE test content area.  By combining these two complementary subjects into one comprehensive textbook, it is easier for the instructor to teach these topics and is cost effective for the student.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1        The Diagnostic Process

Chapter 2        CAN and Network Communications

Chapter 3        On-Board Diagnosis

Chapter 4        Global OBD II and Mode $06

Chapter 5        Circuit Testers and Digital Meters

Chapter 6        Oscilloscopes and Graphing Multimeters

Chapter 7        Starting and Charging System Diagnosis

Chapter 8        Ignition System Operation

Chapter 9        Ignition System Diagnosis

Chapter 10      Gasoline, Alternative Fuels and Diesel Fuels

Chapter 11      Temperature Sensors

Chapter 12      Throttle Position (TP) Sensors

Chapter 13      MAP/BARO Sensors

Chapter 14      Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensors

Chapter 15      Oxygen Sensors

Chapter 16      Wide-Band Oxygen Sensors

Chapter 17      Fuel Trim Diagnosis

Chapter 18      Fuel Pumps, Lines, and Filters

Chapter 19      Fuel Injection Components and Operation

Chapter 20      Gasoline Direct Injection Systems

Chapter 21      Electronic Throttle Control Systems

Chapter 22      Fuel Injection System Diagnosis and Service

Chapter 23      Vehicle Emission Standards and Testing

Chapter 24      Emission Control System Devices, Operation, and Diagnosis

Chapter 25      Engine Condition Diagnosis

Chapter 26      In-Vehicle Engine Service

Chapter 27      Symptom-Based Diagnosis

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