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Advancing Core Competencies: Emphasizing Practice Behaviors and Outcomes

By Quienton P Nichols

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Sep 30, 2011

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A CSWE Core Competency / Practice Behavior Workbook for Advanced Courses


Nichols’ Advancing Core Competencies: Emphasizing Practice Behaviors and Outcomes helps students master the competencies and practice behaviors with licensing-type exam questions that apply to specialized fields.


This workbook builds upon students’ prior knowledge gained from previous social work courses and presents an overview of generalist practice and principles related to the core competencies. It provides a detailed understanding and explanation of the each EPAS standard and is followed by questions that test students’ (1) Understanding of Knowledge and (2) Mastery and Assessment of Knowledge of Skills.


Learning Goals

Upon completing this book, students should be able to:

  • Master each Core Competency before advancing to more difficult content and practice behaviors
  • Apply the Core Competencies to realistic case scenarios
  • Assess their understanding with the types of questions that they will find on their licensing exam
  • Identify areas where more study is needed


Table of Contents







Chapter 1: Professional Identity

Chapter 2: Ethical Practice

Chapter 3: Critical Thinking

Chapter 4: Diversity in Practice

Chapter 5: Human Rights and Justice

Chapter 6: Research Based Practice

Chapter 7: Human Behavior

Chapter 8: Policy Practice

Chapter 9: Practice Contexts

Chapter 10: Engage, Assess, Intervene, Evaluate




1: Professional Identity

Advocating for Client Access to Social Work Services

Personal Reflection and Self-Correction

Professional Roles and Boundaries

Professional Demeanor in Behavior, Appearance, and Communication

Engaging in Career-long Learning

Using Supervision and Consultation

Professional Behavior Examples and Assess Outcomes

Practice with MySocialWorkLab


2: Ethical Practice

Recognizing and Managing Personal and Professional Values

Making Ethical Decisions

Tolerating Ambiguity in Resolving Ethical Conflicts

Applying Ethical Reasoning Strategies to Arrive at Principled Decisions

Ethical Behavior Examples and Assess Outcomes

Practice with MySocialWorkLab


3: Critical Thinking

Distinguishing, Appraising, and Integrating Multiple Sources of Knowledge, Research, and Practice Wisdom

Analyzing Models of Assessment, Prevention, Intervention and Evaluation

Demonstrating Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills

Practice Critical Thinking Examples and Assess Outcomes                     

Practice with MySocialWorkLab


4: Diversity in Practice

Recognizing Cultural Structures and Values

Gaining Self-Awareness: Eliminating Personal Biases and Values

Recognizing, Communicating, and Understanding “Difference” in Shaping Life Experience

Learning and Engaging With Those Whom Work as Informants

Practice Diversity Examples and Assess Outcomes

Practice with MySocialWorkLab


5: Human Rights and Justice

Understanding Forms and Mechanisms of Oppression and Discrimination

Advocating for Human Rights and Social and Economic Justice

Advancing Social and Economic Justice

Advocating for Human Rights Examples and Justice and Assess Outcomes

Practice with MySocialWorkLab


6: Research Based Practice

Using Experience to Inform Scientific Inquiry

Using Evidence Based Research to Inform Practice

Practice Research Examples and Assess Outcomes

Practice with MySocialWorkLab


7: Human Behavior

Using Conceptual Frameworks to Guide Assessment, Intervention, and Evaluation

Critiquing and Applying Knowledge to Understand People and Their Environment

Applying Human Behavior Examples and Assess Outcomes

Practice with MySocialWorkLab


8: Policy Practice

Analyzing, Formulating, and Advocating for Policies

Collaborating with Others for Effective Policy Action

Policy Engagement Examples and Assess Outcomes

Practice with MySocialWorkLab


9: Practice Contexts

Discovering, Appraising, and Attending to Changes and Trends to Provide Relevant Services

Providing Leadership in Promoting Change in Service Delivery and Practice

Practice Contextual Behavior Examples and Assess Outcomes

Practice with MySocialWorkLab


10: Engage, Assess, Intervene, Evaluate





Practice Engagement, Assessment, Intervention, and Evaluation Examples and Assess Outcomes

Practice with MySocialWorkLab

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