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Adventures in the Human Spirit, 7th Edition

By Philip E. Bishop

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 4, 2013



A historical survey of the western humanities in a single-volume text.


Adventures in the Human Spirit provides a balanced introduction to the major arts, philosophy, and religion. Appropriate for students with little background in the arts and humanities, this single-volume text approaches the humanities by focusing on principal events, styles, movements, and figures.  The seventh edition engages students with new chapter-opening spreads, a refreshed color palette, and a clear pedagogical structure.  


New author Margaret Manos maintains the late Philip E. Bishop’s approachability to understanding western humanities, bringing the past to life. The new edition continues to contain Bishop’s coverage of music, religion, literature, philosophy, and science.


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  • Improve Critical Thinking - Key Topics at the beginning of each chapter and critical thinking activities throughout help readers build critical thinking and study skills.
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0205881475 / 9780205881475 Adventures in the Human Spirit


Table of Contents

In this Section:
1) Brief Table of Contents

2) Full Table of Contents





Chapter 1: An Invitation to Adventure

Chapter 2: The Ancient World

Chapter 3: Ancient Greece

Chapter 4: Ancient Rome

Chapter 5: Monotheism: Judaism, Christianity, Islam

Chapter 6: The Early Middle Ages

Chapter 7: The Late Middle Ages

Chapter 8: The Renaissance in Italy

Chapter 9: Reformation and Late Renaissance

Chapter 10: The Baroque

Chapter 11: The Enlightenment

Chapter 12: Revolution and Romanticism

Chapter 13: The Industrial Age

Chapter 14: Modernism

Chapter 15: The Contemporary Spirit




Chapter 1: An Invitation to Adventure

        Creating a Sense of Self

        The Visual Arts

        The Performing Arts

        The Literary Arts

        An Invitation to Adventure


Chapter 2: The Ancient World


        Ancient Egypt

        Ancient Asia

        Ancient America


Chapter 3: Ancient Greece

        Early Greece

        The Classical Period

        Classical Greek Art

        Greek Theater and Music

        Classical Greek Philosophy

        The Hellenistic Age


Chapter 4: Ancient Rome

        The Drama of Roman History

        The Art of an Empire

        Roman Art and Daily Life

        The Romans as Poets and Thinkers


Chapter 5: Monotheism: Judaism, Christianity, Islam

        The Judaic Tradition

        The Rise of Christianity

        Philosophy: Classical and Christian

        The Christian Empires: Rome and Byzantium

        Christianity and the Arts

        The Rise of Islam


Chapter 6: The Early Middle Ages

        The Age of Charlemagne

        Feudal Europe


        The Romanesque Style

        Early Medieval Music and Drama

        The Medieval Philosopher


Chapter 7: The Late Middle Ages

        The Gothic Awakening

        The Gothic Style

        Music and Theater in the Gothic Age

        The New Learning

        Court and City in the Late Middle Ages

        The Late Gothic


Chapter 8: The Renaissance in Italy

        The Renaissance Spirit in Italy

        The Arts in Early Renaissance Italy

        Renaissance Genius

        The High Renaissance in Rome


Chapter 9: Reformation and Late Renaissance

        The Reformation

        The Rise of Northern Europe

        Art and Humanism in Northern Europe

        The Elizabethan Age

        The Late Renaissance in Italy and Spain


Chapter 10: The Baroque

        The Baroque in Italy

        The Baroque in Spain

        The Baroque in France

        The Protestant Baroque

        The New Science

        The English Compromise


Chapter 11: The Enlightenment

        The Rococo Style

        The Enlightenment

        The Bourgeois Response

        Music in the Age of Enlightenment

        The Neoclassical Style

        The Age of Satire


Chapter 12: Revolution and Romanticism

        Revolutions and Rights

        The Romantic Hero

        Music and Dance in the Romantic Age

        Elements of Romanticism


Chapter 13: The Industrial Age

        Materialism and Progress

        Music and Modernity

        Late Romantics and Early Moderns

        The Dark Side of Progress


Chapter 14: Modernism

        A Turbulent Century

        Modernism in Art

        The Modern Mind

        Modernist Music and Architecture

        Art and Politics

        In the American Grain


Chapter 15: The Contemporary Spirit

        The Age of Anxiety

        Art and Architecture in Postwar America

        The Sixties

        The Postmodern

        Global Awareness


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