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Agricultural Marketing and Price Analysis

By Bailey Norwood, Jayson Lusk

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Nov 6, 2007


As refreshing as its tone is the innovative approach this book takes to economic theory and agricultural marketing strategies. This book offers versatility by covering a wide range of topics that include both traditional economic theory and organizational economics. Novice readers will gravitate to the inviting writing style and colorful examples.  All in a single source, readers will find contemporary treatment of economics and price analysis, agricultural prices and markets, agribusiness marketing strategies and more! 

Table of Contents

Section A              Welcome to Economics and Price Analysis

Chapter 1                  About Economics

Chapter 2                  Basic Price Analysis:  Supply and Demand

Chapter 3                  Advanced Price Analysis: Mastering Supply and Demand

Chapter 4                  Advanced Price Analysis:  Imperfect Competition


Section B              Understanding Agricultural Prices and Markets

Chapter 5                  Agricultural Prices

Chapter 6                  The Food Marketing Channel

Chapter 7                  Empirical Agricultural Price Analysis

Chapter 8                  International Agricultural Trade


Section C              Agribusiness Marketing Strategies

Chapter 9                  Managing Price through Futures Markets

Chapter 10                Strategic Price Setting

Chapter 11                Creative Pricing Schemes

Chapter 12                Conducting Consumer Research


Supplemental Topics

Chapter 13                The Firm as a Price Taker

Chapter 14                Government in Agriculture

Chapter 15                Agriculture and Society


Agricultural Marketing and Price Analysis

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