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Ahmad al-Mansur: Islamic Visionary (Library of World Biography Series)

By Richard L. Smith

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Nov 15, 2005


This new entry into the Longman World Biography series examines a leading statesman who guided a key country during a pivotal time in history.  Al-Mansur was a man of contradictions whose policies combined a vision of the future with a longing for the past; by building one state, he destroyed another.

Table of Contents



CHAPTER 1    The Rise of the Sa‘di Dynasty                                                         

CHAPTER 2    Abu l’Abbas Ahmad: The Early Years                                               
CHAPTER 3    Al-Mansur Assumes Power                                                              
CHAPTER 4    Commander of the Faithful                                                    
CHAPTER 5    Land of Gold                                                                           
CHAPTER 6    The Invasion of Songhay                                                     
CHAPTER 7    Aftermath of Victory: Wealth and Woes                              
CHAPTER 8    An Ignominious Death                                              
CHAPTER 9:   Post-Mortem                                                                        

A NOTE ON THE SOURCES                                                                                 

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Ahmad al-Mansur: Islamic Visionary (Library of World Biography Series)

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