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Algebra for College Students, CourseSmart eTextbook, 3rd Edition

By Allen R. Angel

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 31, 2008

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<>Angel's texts are a proven favorite among students and instructors alike.  The Angel texts consistently receive praise for their readability - short, clear sentences are used to ensure the text is readable even for those with weak reading skills- and for the abundance of detailed, worked-out examples... more than any other text!  In this revised, 3rd edition of Algebra for College Students, Angel continues to focus on the needs of the students taking this class and the instructors teaching them.

CourseSmart textbooks do not include any media or print supplements that come packaged with the bound book.

Table of Contents

Note:  Each chapter concludes with Chapter Summary, Chapter Review Exercises, and Chapter Practice Test and after Chapter 1, Cumulative Review Test.



To the Student

CHAPTER 1:  Basic Concepts

1.1  Study Skills for Success in Mathematics, and Using a Calculator

1.2  Sets and Other Basic Concepts

1.3  Properties of and Operations with Real Numbers

1.4  Order of Operations

Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 1.1—1.4

1.5  Exponents

1.6  Scientific Notation


CHAPTER 2:  Equations and Inequalities

2.1  Solving Linear Equations

2.2  Problem Solving and Using Formulas

2.3  Applications of Algebra

Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 2.1—2.3

2.4  Additional Application Problems

2.5  Solving Linear Inequalities

2.6  Solving Equations and Inequalities Containing Absolute Values


CHAPTER 3:  Graphs and Functions

3.1  Graphs

3.2  Functions

3.3  Linear Functions:  Graphs and Applications

3.4  The Slope-Intercept Form of a Linear Equation

Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 3.1—3.4

3.5  The Point-Slope Form of a Linear Equation

3.6  The Algebra of Functions

3.7  Graphing Linear Inequalities


CHAPTER 4:  Systems of Equations and Inequalities

4.1  Solving Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables

4.2  Solving Systems of Linear Equations in Three Variables

4.3  Systems of Linear Equations:  Applications and Problem Solving

Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 4.1—4.3

4.4  Solving Systems of Equations Using Matrices

4.5  Solving Systems of Equations Using Determinants and Cramer’s Rule

4.6  Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities


CHAPTER 5:  Polynomials and Polynomial Functions

5.1  Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials

5.2  Multiplication of Polynomials

5.3  Division of Polynomials and Synthetic Division

5.4  Factoring a Monomial from a Polynomial and Factoring by Grouping

Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 5.1—5.4

5.5  Factoring Trinomials

5.6  Special Factoring Formulas

5.7  A General Review of Factoring

5.8  Polynomial Equations


CHAPTER 6:  Rational Expressions and Equations

6.1  The Domains of Rational Functions and Multiplication and Division of Rational Expressions
6.2  Addition and Subtraction of Rational Expressions
6.3  Complex Fractions

6.4  Solving Rational Equations

Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 6.1—6.4

6.5  Rational Equations: Applications and Problem Solving
6.6  Variation

CHAPTER 7:  Roots, Radicals, and Complex Numbers

7.1  Roots and Radicals

7.2  Rational Exponents

7.3  Simplifying Radicals

7.4  Adding, Subtracting, and Multiplying Radicals

Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 7.1—7.4

7.5  Dividing Radicals

7.6  Solving Radical Equations

7.7  Complex Numbers


CHAPTER 8:  Quadratic Functions

8.1  Solving Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square

8.2  Solving Quadratic Equations by the Quadratic Formula

8.3  Quadratic Equations: Applications and Problem Solving

Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 8.1—8.3

8.4  Writing Equations in Quadratic Form

8.5  Graphing Quadratic Functions

8.6  Quadratic and Other Inequalities in One Variable


CHAPTER 9:  Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

9.1  Composite and Inverse Functions

9.2  Exponential Functions

9.3  Logarithmic Functions

9.4  Properties of Logarithms

Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 9.1—9.4

9.5  Common Logarithms

9.6  Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

9.7  Natural Exponential and Natural Logarithmic Functions


CHAPTER 10:  Characteristics of Functions and Their Graphs

10.1  Continuous and Discontinuous Functions

10.2  Characteristics of Graphs of Polynomial Functions

Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 10.1—10.2

10.3  Finding the Rational Zeros of a Polynomial Function

10.4  Finding the Real Zeros of a Polynomial Function

10.5  Characteristics of Graphs of Rational Functions


CHAPTER 11:  Conic Sections

11.1 T he Parabola and the Circle

11.2  The Ellipse

Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 11.1—11.2

11.3  The Hyperbola

11.4  Nonlinear Systems of Equations and Their Applications

11.5  Nonlinear Systems of Inequalities


CHAPTER 12:  Sequences, Series, and Probability

12.1  Sequences and Series

12.2  Arithmetic Sequences and Series

12.3  Geometric Sequences and Series

Mid-Chapter Test: Sections 12.1—12.3

12.4  Mathematical Induction

12.5  The Binomial Theorem

12.6  The Counting Principle, Permutations, and Combinations

12.7  Probability


APPENDIX  Geometric Formulas



Graphing Answer Section *found only in the Annotated Instructor's Edition

Applications Index


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