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Allison:Essen of Decision Making_p2, 2nd Edition

By Graham T. Allison, Philip Zelikow

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 19, 1999


One of the most influental political science works written in the post World War II era, the original edition of Essence of Decision is a unique and fascinating examination of the pivotal event of the cold Cold War. Not simply revised, but completely re-written, the Second Edition of this classic text is a fresh reinterpretation of the theories and events surrounding the Cuban Missle Crisis, incorporating all new information from the Kennedy tapes and recently declassified Soviet files. Essence of Decision Second Edition, is a vivid look at decision-making under pressure and is the only single volume work that attempts to answer the enduring question: how should citizens understand the actions of their government?

Table of Contents

1. Model 1: The Rational Actor.

2. The Cuban Missile Crisis: A First Cut.

3. Model II: Organizational Behavior.

4. The Cuban Missile Crisis: A Second Cut.

5. Model III: Governmental Politics.

6. The Cuban Missile Crisis: A Third Cut.

7. Conclusion.


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