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Allyn & Bacon Social Atlas of the United States, The, CourseSmart eTextbook

By William H. Frey, Amy Beth Anspach, John Paul DeWitt

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Dec 18, 2007


This brief and accessible atlas uses colorful maps, graphs, and some of the best social science data available to survey the leading social, economic, and political indicators of American society.


Table of Contents


1. Our Dynamic Populace

Adding and Subtracting: Regional Population Change

The Newest Americans: Immigration

Pulling Up Stakes: Migration and Mobility

Generations Young and Old: Age Distribution

The Baby Factor: Fertility and Birth Rates

Witnesses to a Century: Americans 65 and Older

Life Expectancy and Mortality

Urban and Rural Living

Marriage and Divorce

Blood, Marriage, or Adoption: Family Structure


2. Race, Ethnicity, and Minority Status

Racial Groups and Inequalities

White Ancestry

Black Americans

Hispanic Americans

Asians and Pacific Islanders

American Indians and Alaskan Natives

Our Segregated Cities

Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual America                


3. Wealth, Income, and Opportunity

Chasing the American Dream

Over Our Heads: Consumer Debt

The Persistence of Poverty

Educational Attainment and Life Chances

Unfinished Business: High School and College Dropouts

Alternatives to Public Education


4. The Economy and Workplace

Earning Our Keep: The American Workforce

Working Overtime: Labor Conditions

The State of the Unions: Organized Labor

Equal Opportunity Employment: Diversity in the Workplace

The Workplace Gender Gap


5. Health and Wellness

Health Insurance: The Haves and Have-Nots

Living on the Edge: Behavioral Risk Factors

A Matter of Life and Death: Cancer

The Threat of Pandemic Disease

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Battling the Epidemic: AIDS in America

Americans with Disabilities

Mental Health and Disability


6. Politics and Government

The Federal Purse: Government Spending

Exercising Your Right: Voter Participation

Diversity in Government

Defending the Nation: The Military


7. Crime and Law Enforcement

Criminal Activity

Doing Time: Prisoners and Incarceration

The High Price of Vice: Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Gambling

Risky Business: Teenage Substance Abuse        

Children and Crime: Juvenile Delinquency

The Youngest Crime Victims


8. Natural Resources and the Environment

Living Off the Land: Agriculture

From Sea to Shining Sea: Land Use

Hungry for Power: Energy Consumption

Environmental Quality: Pollution and Conservation

The Greenhouse Effect: CO2 Emissions

Heavy Weather: Natural Disasters


9. Modern America

Stuck in Traffic: Commuting and Roadway Congestion

Planes, Trains and Buses: Mass Transportation

Wired America: Computer and Usage

On the Air: Broadcast Media


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Allyn & Bacon Social Atlas of the United States, The, CourseSmart eTextbook
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