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America Since 1900, 7th Edition

By George Donelson Moss

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Dec 14, 2011


This book is a comprehensive study of the 20th century. Written to provide a strong understanding of America since the beginning of the 20th century, this comprehensive survey covers topics and personalities from the late 19th through the beginning of the 21st century.  Broad in scope and written in a lively narrative style,  American Since 1900 emphasizes social history and multicultural experiences of the American people in addition to political, diplomatic and military history.

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Chapter 1 A Society in Transition 

Chapter 2 The Progressive Era

Chapter 3 The United States Engages the World

Chapter 4 The Twenties

Chapter 5 The Great Depression 

Chapter 6 The New Deal 

Chapter 7 Diplomacy Between Wars

Chapter 8 World War II

Chapter 9 The Cold War

Chapter 10 The Age of Consensus

Chapter 11 The Sixties

Chapter 12 Calming Down

Chapter 13 An Era of Limits

Chapter 14 America Revived

Chapter 15 Going Global

Chapter 16 America in the New Millennium











Chapter 1: A Society in Transition  

A Demographic Portrait

Economic Growth




Women, Children, and Work

Native Americans

Hispanic Americans

African Americans

Asian Americans



The People’s Party


Social Darwinism


Schools and Colleges

Mass Media

Literature and Philosophy

The Voices of Discontents

Important Events

Brief Bibliographic Essay



Chapter 2: The Progressive Era

Modern Society

Popular Culture

Literature and Art

The Roots of Reform

Social Justice


Women Reformers

African Americans

Asian Americans

Native Americans

Moral Reform

Educational Reform

Political Reform

The Advent of Theodore Roosevelt

Taft Versus Progressivism

The Election of 1912

Wilsonian Progressivism

Progressivism in Perspective

Important Events

Brief Bibliographic Essay


Chapter 3: The United States Engages the World

Managing the American Empire

Europe Goes to War

Unneutral Neutrality

America Goes to War

Over There

The Home Front

Propaganda and Civil Liberties

Red Scare


Fight for Ratification

The War Experience

Important Events

Brief Bibliographic Essay


Chapter 4: The Twenties

A Mobile People

The Consumer Economy

The Urban Nation

Family Life and Women

The Movies

Spectator Sports

An American Hero

The Ethic of Play

Popular Writers


The Harlem Renaissance

The Jazz Age

The Rise of Radio

Religious Fundamentalism

The Revival of the Klan

Closing the Door

The Business of Government

Important Events

Brief Bibliographic Essay


Chapter 5: The Great Depression  

The Hoover Era

Underlying Causes of the Great Depression

The Great Crash

The Impact of Depression

African Americans

Family Life and Women

Popular Culture

Hoover Battles the Depression

The Collapse of European Economies

The Depression Deepens

The Election of 1932

Interregnum of Despair

Important Events

Brief Bibliographic Essay



Chapter 6: The New Deal  

The New Deal Begins

The Hundred Days

Critics–Left, Right, and Populist

The Second New Deal

A New Deal for the Environment

The Election of 1936

The New Deal Coalition

Roosevelt Attacks the Supreme Court

The Roosevelt Recession

The End of the New Deal

The Rise of Organized Labor

A New Deal for Women

The Emergence of Ethnic Americans

African Americans and the New Deal

Hispanic Americans During the New Deal

A New Deal for Native Americans

FDR and the New Deal in Perspective

Important Events

Brief Bibliographic Essay



Chapter 7: Diplomacy Between Wars

The Search for Peace

Foreign Economic Policy

Latin America

The Triumph of Isolationism

Europe Disintegrates

The Rising Sun

War Erupts in Europe

The Election of 1940


Undeclared Naval War

Impasse over China

The Strategy of Stall

Pearl Harbor Attacked!

Important Events

Brief Bibliographic Essay



Chapter 8: World War II

War in Europe

War in the Pacific

Wartime Diplomacy

Victory in Europe

Victory in the Pacific

Home Front USA

Demographic Changes

Economic Transformations

Women in Wartime

African Americans in Wartime

Hispanic Americans in Wartime

Native Americans in Wartime

Asian Americans in Wartime

The Politics of War

World War and Its Consequences

Important Events

Brief Bibliographic Essay


Chapter 9: The Cold War

Origins of Cold War

The Truman Doctrine

The Marshall Plan


The Chinese Revolution

Vietnam: The Beginning


War in Korea

The Cold War Consensus

Cold War at Home

Postwar Politics

The 80th Congress

The Election of 1948

The Fair Deal

Civil Rights

Important Events

Brief Bibliographic Essay



Chapter 10: The Age of Consensus

Demographic Patterns

A Republic of Consumers

The Car Culture

Growth Industries

The Mixed Economy

Labor at Midcentury

Poverty Amid Plenty

Suburban Sprawl

The Culture of Affluence

Women: Family Life and Work

The Advent of Television

Religion Revived

Social Critics


The Election of 1952

Dynamic Conservatism

McCarthy: Zenith and Ruin

The Politics of Consensus

Civil Rights

The New Look

Vietnam: Getting in Deeper

The China Crisis

At the Summit

The CIA at Work

Trouble in Suez


Cuba and Castro

Controversy in Europe

End of an Era

Important Events

Brief Bibliographic Essay



Chapter 11: The Sixties

The Election of 1960

Social and Economic Reform



Alianza para Progreso

Tragedy in Dallas

Let Freedom Ring

The Fire This Time

Black Power

Vietnam: Raising the Stakes

Going to War

The American Way of War

War at Home


Great Society

The Warren Court

Young Radicals

The Greening of America

Red and Brown Power

Asian American Activists

Gay-Lesbian Liberation

The Rebirth of Feminism


Important Events

Brief Bibliographic Essay



Chapter 12: Calming Down

The Election of 1968

Pragmatic Centrism


The Southern Strategy Implemented


The China Opening

Vietnam: A War to End a War

The End of the Tunnel

Activists and Reformers

Ecology and Consumerism

The Election of 1972


The Decline and Fall of Richard Nixon

Important Events

Brief Bibliographic Essay



Chapter 13: An Era of Limits

A Demographic Profile

Economic Decline

Energy Crises

The Computer Revolution

New Immigrants

African Americans: A Dual Society

Women: Changing Attitudes and Roles


A Religious People

The “Me” Decade

Popular Culture

A Ford, Not a Lincoln

A New World

The Election of 1976

Mr. Carter Goes to Washington

Adjusting to Limits

The Decline of Détente

Debacle in Iran

A Dismal Decade

Important Events

Brief Bibliographic Essay



Chapter 14: America Revived

The Rise of the New Right

The Election of 1980

The Advent of Reaganomics

Recession and Recovery

Morning Again in America

The Election of 1984

Second Efforts

The “Go-Go” Economy

Reshaping the Supreme Court

The Sleaze Factor

Reviving the Cold War

The Pacific Rim

Disaster in Lebanon

Canada and America

Policing the Western Hemisphere

International Crises

The Iraq-Iran War

Iran-Contra Scandals

Thawing the Cold War

Important Events

Brief Bibliographic Essay



Chapter 15: Going Global

A Demographic Profile

Bust, Boom, and Bust

Cable TV and the Information Superhighway

Native Americans

African Americans

Asian Americans

Hispanic Americans

Women and Work

Culture Wars

The Election of 1988

A Kinder Nation

The Rehnquist Court

The End of the Cold War

The Post—Cold War World

The Gulf War

The Election of 1992

The Democrats Return


The Republican Earthquake

The Election of 1996

The Impeachment of President Clinton

Clinton and the Post—Cold War World

Terrorism Abroad and at Home

Important Events

Brief Bibliographic Essay



Chapter 16: America in the New Millennium

The Demographics of Diversity

Young People of the New Millennium

A Multicultural Society

A Nation of Immigrants

Election 2000

Thirty-Six Days

Compassionate Conservatism

Terrorist Attack!

The Transformation of U.S. Foreign Policy

Going to War in Iraq

Operation Iraqi Freedom

The Occupation of Iraq

Election of 2004

Crisis Managing at Home and Abroad

Global Financial Crisis and Recession

Election of 2008

Facing Crises at Home and Abroad

The 2010 Elections

Summer 2011

Important Events

Brief Bibliographic Essay








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