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America Since 1900, CourseSmart eTextbook, 6th Edition

By George Donelson Moss

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jun 21, 2007

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For survey courses in 20th-century U.S. History, as well as Advanced Placement Courses at the high school-level.


Written to provide students from a variety of backgrounds with a strong understanding of America Since 1900this comprehensive survey covers topics and personalities from the late 19th through the beginning of the 21st century.


Broad in scope and written in a lively narrative style, traditional public policy approach is blended with recent histories. Moss emphasizes social history and multicultural experiences of the American people in addition to a political, diplomatic, and military history.

Table of Contents

Each chapter includes Study Questions, Important Events, Bibliography Essay, and Internet Resources


Chapter 1.      A Society in Transition

Chapter 2.      The Progressive Era

Chapter 3.      The United States Engages the World

Chapter 4.      The Twenties

Chapter 5.      The Great Depression

Chapter 6.      The New Deal

Chapter 7.      Diplomacy Between Wars

Chapter 8.      World War II

Chapter 9.      The Cold War

Chapter 10.    The Age Consensus

Chapter 11.    The Sixties

Chapter 12.    Calming Down

Chapter 13.    An Era of Limits

Chapter 14.    America Revived

Chapter 15.    Going Global

Chapter 16.    The New Millennium

Appendices A through G

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