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American and Texas Government: Policy and Politics, CourseSmart eTextbook, 10th Edition

By Neal Tannahill

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Aug 4, 2009

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Known for the extremely student-friendly, jargon-free style of the two books from which it was made, the new American and Texas Government: Policy and Politics introduces the essentials of American and Texas government in a way that any student can understand.


Neal Tannahill’s American Government and Texas Government are offered together in one comprehensive and accessible text.  This new version features the same public policy emphasis that shows students the impact that government has on their lives, and offers the wealth of useful study aids and exercises to engage students in the course material and encourage them to become active participants in their government.  This new edition is published as a Longman Study Edition and therefore contains a battery of chapter tests for student study and practice.   It also offers the latest coverage of issues in both American and Texas government, including the results of the 2008 elections, immigration reform, and the challenge posed by nuclear programs in Iran and North Korea.

Table of Contents



Introduction         Government, Politics, and the Policymaking Process

The Importance of Government

Government and Politics

The Public Policy Approach


Chapter 1                A Changing America in a Changing World

Political Culture

The International Environment

The Demographic Environment

The Economic Environment  

Conclusion: The Cultural, International, and Socioeconomic Context for Policymaking


Chapter 2                The American Constitution  

The Background of the Constitution

Constitutional Principles  

The Living Constitution  

The Constitution, Politics, and Public Policy  

Conclusion: The Constitutional Environment for Policymaking  


Chapter 3                The Federal System  

The Constitutional Basis of Federalism  

Federal Grant Programs  

Conclusion: Federalism and Public Policy  


Chapter 4                Public Opinion  

Political Socialization  

Measuring Public Opinion  

Political Knowledge  

Support for Democratic Principles

Political Trust and Political Legitimacy  

Political Efficacy  

Political Philosophy

Conclusion: Public Opinion and Public Policy  


Chapter 5                Political Participation  

Forms of Participation  

Explaining Participation  

Patterns of Participation  


Trends in Voter Turnout  

Participation Rates in Comparative Perspective

Increasing Voter Turnout

Participation Bias  

Conclusion: Political Participation and Public Policy  


Chapter 6                The Media

The Media Landscape

Government Regulation of the News Media

Covering the News

Media Biases

Conclusion: The Media and Public Policy 



Chapter 7                Interest Groups  

Why People Join Groups

Types of Interest Groups  

Interest Group Tactics  

The Strength of Interest Groups

Conclusion: Interest Groups and Public Policy


Chapter 8                Political Parties  

The Party System  

Party Organization  

Political Cycles and Party Realignment

Party Identification: Democrats, Republicans, and Independents

Voting Patterns  

Issue Orientation

Divided Government  

Conclusion: Political Parties and Public Policy  


Chapter 9                Elections  

Types of Elections  

Election Districts and Redistricting  

Election Campaigns  

Congressional Elections

Presidential Elections  

The Voters Decide  

Conclusion: Elections and Public Policy  


Chapter 10                Congress  




The Legislative Process  

Conclusion: Congress and Public Policy  


Chapter 11              The Presidency  

The Constitutional Presidency  

Presidential Powers

Two Presidencies Thesis

The Development of the Modern Presidency  

The Organization of the Presidency  

Theories of Presidential Leadership

Presidential Popularity  

The Presidency in Context  

Conclusion: The Presidency and Public Policy  


Chapter 12              The Federal Bureaucracy  

Organization of the Bureaucracy  



Politics and Administration  

Subgovernments and Issue Networks  

Conclusion: The Federal Bureaucracy and Public Policy  


Chapter 13              The Federal Courts  

Judicial Policymaking  

Political History of the Supreme Court  

The Federal Court System  

Power, Politics, and the Courts  

Conclusion: The Courts and Public Policy  


Chapter 14              Economic Policymaking  

The Goals of Economic Policy  

Tax Revenues  

Budget Deficits and Surpluses  

Government Expenditures  

Fiscal Policymaking

Monetary Policymaking  

Conclusion: Economic Policymaking  


Chapter 15              Civil Liberties Policymaking  

The Constitutional Basis of Civil Liberties Policymaking  

Civil Liberties Issues and Policies  

Conclusion: Civil Liberties Policymaking  


Chapter 16              Civil Rights Policymaking  

The Constitutional Basis of Civil Rights Policymaking  

Civil Rights Issues and Policies  

Conclusion: Civil Rights Policymaking


Chapter 17              Foreign and Defense Policymaking  

The International Community  

The Ends and Means of American Foreign and Defense Policy  

The History of American Foreign Policy  

Foreign Policy

Defense Policy  

Conclusion: Foreign and Defense Policymaking  






Chapter 18               The People, Economy, and Political Culture of Texas          

The People of Texas                                                                                                          

The Texas Economy                                                                                                        

Political Culture                                                                                                                  

Conclusion: The Socioeconomic Context of Policymaking


Chapter 19              Texas Constitution

State Constitutions                                                                                                           

Background of the Texas Constitution                                                                               

Constitutional Convention of 1875                                                                                     

Overview of the Texas Constitution                                                                                  

Constitutional Change                                                                                                      

Individual Rights and the Texas Constitution                                                                      

Conclusion: The Constitutional Context of Policymaking in Texas


Chapter 20              The Federal Context of Texas Policymaking

Role of the States in the Federal System                                                                           

States, the Courts, and the Constitution                                                                                

States and Federal Law                                                                                                   

Federal Grant Programs                                                                                                      

Conclusion: The Federal System and the Policy Process


Chapter 21              Political Participation

Voting Rights and Minority Participation                                                                           

Participation in Texas Politics                                                                                              

Conclusion: Participation and Policymaking


Chapter 22              Interest Groups

Interest Groups in Texas Politics                                                                                         

Interest Group Tactics                                                                                                        

Conclusion: Interest Groups and Policymaking


Chapter 23              Political Parties

The Party System                                                                                                               

Party Organization                                                                                                           

History of the Texas Party System                                                                                      

The Party Balance

Voting Patterns                                                                                                               

Interest Group-Political Party Alliances                                                                             

Issue Orientation                                                                                                             

The Impact of Partisan Change                                                                                           

The Future of Party Politics in Texas                                                                                

Conclusion: Political Parties and Policymaking


Chapter 24              Elections

The Long Ballot                                                                                                              

Types of Elections                                                                                                              

Election Districts                                                                                                             




The Voters Decide                                                                                                             

Conclusion: Elections and Policymaking


Chapter 25              The Texas Legislature




The Legislative Process                                                                                                      

Legislative Policymaking                                                                                                     

Conclusion: The Legislature and the Policymaking Process


Chapter 26              Executive Branch

The Governor                                                                                                                     

The Executive Bureaucracy                                                                                                

Administrative Oversight                                                                                               

Conclusion: The Executive Branch and the Policymaking Process                                      


Chapter 27              Judicial Branch

Types of Legal Disputes                                                                                                  

Court Procedures                                                                                                            

The Texas Court System                                                                                                 


Judicial Selection                                                                                                                

Conclusion: The Judicial Branch and the Policymaking Process                                             

Chapter 28              City Government

Legal Status of Texas Cities                                                                                             

Forms of City Government                                                                                               

Election Systems                                                                                                                

Public Policies in Texas Cities                                                                                             

City Politics in Texas          

Conclusion: City Government and Policymaking                                                                      

Chapter 29              Counties, School Districts, and Special Districts

County Government                                                                                                            

School Districts                                                                                                                  

Special Districts                                                                                                              

Conclusion: Local Government and Public Policy


Chapter 30                  State Budget Policy                                   



The Budget Process           

Conclusion: Budgetary Policymaking


Chapter 31                  Criminal Justice

Crime Statistics

Criminal Prosecution Process

Capital Punishment

Juvenile Justice


Conclusion: Criminal-Justice Policymaking                                            


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