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American Economic History, CourseSmart eTextbook, 8th Edition

By Jonathan Hughes, Louis Cain

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jan 22, 2010

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For undergraduate economic history students.

America’s present economy, understood through its past.

Rich in both quantitative techniques and economic theory, American Economic History demonstrates how an understanding of our past can illuminate economic issues that face society today and in the future. In simple, elegant language, this text walks students through four centuries of political, social, and economic history, focusing on laws and institutions and emphasizing current economic topics.

The eighth edition has been updated and revised, and includes an expanded discussion on health and education.

Table of Contents

Part 1: The Colonial Period, 1607-1783

Chapter 1: Overseas Empire
Chapter 2: Colonial Development
Chapter 3: America on the Eve of Revolution
Chapter 4: Gaining Independence

Part 2: The National Period and Constitutional Crisis, 1783-1861

Chapter 5: Westward Expansion
Chapter 6: Population and Labor Force
Chapter 7: Law and the Rise of Classical American Capitalism
Chapter 8: Transportation: Internal Improvements and Urbanization
Chapter 9: Agricultural Expansion: The Conflict of Two Systems on the Land
Chapter 10: The Debate Over Slavery
Chapter 11: The Early Industrial Sector
Chapter 12: The Financial System and the International Economy

Part 3: The Rise of an Industrial Society, 1861-1914 

Chapter 13: Economic Effects of the Civil War
Chapter 14: Railroads and Economic Development
Chapter 15: Post-Civil War Agriculture
Chapter 16: Population Growth and the Atlantic Migration
Chapter 17: Industrialization, Entrepreneurship, and Urban Growth
Chapter 18: Big Business and Government Intervention
Chapter 19: Financial Developments 1863-1914
Chapter 20: The Great Economy and Its International Relations
Chapter 21: Labor and the Law

Part 4: The Expansion of Federal Power, 1914-1945

Chapter 22: The Command Economy Emerges: World War I
Chapter 23: “Normalcy”: 1919-1929
Chapter 24: The Great Depression
Chapter 25: The New Deal
Chapter 26: The “Prosperity” of Wartime

Part 5: Brave New World? 1945–Present

Chapter 27: Before the New Frontier: The Postwar Economy
Chapter 28: Population, Health and Labor
Chapter 29: Postwar Industry and Agriculture
Chapter 30: To the New Millennium and Beyond
Chapter 31: Does Our Past Have a Future?


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