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American Public Opinion: Its Origins, Content, and Impact , CourseSmart eTextbook, 8th Edition

By Robert S. Erikson, Kent L. Tedin

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 2, 2010

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The Eighth Edition of this highly respected text continues to go beyond a simple presentation of data to critically analyze the integral role public opinion plays in American democracy.

An in-depth analysis, American Public Opinion explores the following important topics:  the origins of public opinion in political socialization; the impact of the media on public opinion; the relevance of public opinion to democratic values; political trust and social capital; and the role of public opinion for elections, political parties and interest groups. As in previous editions, the Eighth Edition examines the relationship between public opinion and policy.

Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tables                                                 
Credits for Figures and Tables                                           

    CHAPTER 1    Public Opinion in Democratic Societies                              

                   1-1    Public Opinion and Government                                         

                   1-2    Public Opinion Defined                                                      

                   1-3    The Evolution of the Public Opinion Poll                             

                   1-4    The Modern Public Opinion Poll and Its Political Consequences       

                   1-5    Sources of Information on Public Opinion                           

                   1-6    Linkage Models Between Public Opinion and Public Policies

                   1-7    Plan of This Book                                                              

    CHAPTER 2    Polling: The Scientific Assessment of Public Opinion           

                   2-1    Sampling                                                                           

                   2-2    Question Wording                                                             

                   2-3    The Misuse of Surveys                                                       

                   2-4    Interpreting Scientific Surveys                                            

                   2-5    Conclusion                                                                        

    CHAPTER 3    Microlevel Opinion: The Psychology of Opinion-Holding    

                   3-1    Political Attention and Opinion-Holding                              

                   3-2    Liberal-Conservative Ideology and the Organization of Opinions       

                   3-3    Party Identification and the Organization of Political Opinions

    CHAPTER 4    Macrolevel Opinion: The Flow of Political Sentiment          

                   4-1    Trends in Policy Opinions                                                  

                   4-2    General Ideological Movement                                           

                   4-3    General Partisan Movement                                               

                   4-4    Presidential Approval                                                         

                   4-5    Conclusion: What Moves Public Opinion?                          

    CHAPTER 5    Political Socialization and Political Learning                        

                   5-1    The Preadult Years: Socialization to Citizenship                  

                   5-2    The Agents of Preadult Socialization                                   

                   5-3    Political Generations                                                          

                   5-4    The Persistence of Political Orientations                             

                   5-5    Conclusion                                                                        

    CHAPTER 6    Public Opinion and Democratic Stability                             

                   6-1    Support for Democratic Values                                          

                   6-2    Political Consensus                                                            

                   6-3    Political Support: Trust and Efficacy                                   

                   6-4    Personality and Public Opinion                                           

                   6-5    Conclusion                                                                        

    CHAPTER 7    Group Differences in Political Opinions                               

                   7-1    Socioeconomic Class and Political Opinions                       

                   7-2    Race and Political Opinions                                                

                   7-3    Age and Political Opinions                                                 

                   7-4    Religion and Political Opinions                                           

                   7-5    Geography and Political Opinions                                       

                   7-6    Gender and Political Opinions                                            

                   7-7    Conclusion                                                                        

    CHAPTER 8    The Print and Broadcast Media and Political Opinions        

                   8-1    The Mass Media and Their Political Content                      

                   8-2    Mass Media Influence on Public Opinion                            

                   8-3    Television and Election Campaigns                                     

                   8-4    Conclusion                                                                        

    CHAPTER 9    Elections as Instruments of Popular Control                        

                   9-1    Political Campaigns and the Voter                                      

                   9-2    Policy Issues and Voters                                                    

                   9-3    Explaining Election Outcomes                                            

                   9-4    Conclusion                                                                        

  CHAPTER 10    The Public and Its Elected Representatives                         

                 10-1    Opinion Sharing Between Policymakers and the Public       

                 10-2    Leadership Responsiveness to Public Opinion                    

                 10-3    How Elected Officials Learn Public Opinion                       

                 10-4    Do Elected Officials Need to Follow Public Opinion?         

                 10-5    Conclusion                                                                        

  CHAPTER 11    Parties and Interest Groups: Mediating Institutions and Representation          

                 11-1    Political Parties and Representation                                    

                 11-2    Interest Groups and Representation                                    

  CHAPTER 12    Public Opinion and the Performance of Democracy            

                 12-1    Assessing the Impact of Public Opinion on Policy               

                 12-2    Interpreting the Public’s Role in Democracy                       

                 12-3    The Expansion of Political Participation                              


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