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¡Anda! Curso elemental para estudiantes avanzados, 2nd Edition

By Audrey L. Heining-Boynton, Glynis S. Cowell

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jun 15, 2012


 Designed with You in Mind


The ¡Anda! program provides practical responses to the challenges today’s Spanish instructors and students encounter. 


The High Beginner Edition is designed for students who have studied one to three years of high school Spanish.

·  Organized for a one semester course, High Beginner Edition reviews what students have already studied and expands students’ knowledge of Elementary Spanish.

 · At the end of the course, students are ready to move on to Intermediate Spanish.

·  Course components include High Beginner Edition textbook and online materials.

·  The streamlined textbook is designed to be used during class while the highly interactive environment in MySpanishLab provides multiple review and practice tools.


Teaching and Learning Experience

•Realistic and Balanced Approach – Instructors and students don’t have to rush through the entire scope of Spanish grammar in 2 semesters.  They can focus on practical communication which helps students feel more motivated and successful in the course. 
•Explore Grammar – Grammar is chunked to allow students to assimilate and practice without feeling overwhelmed.  Explanations are clear and concise and include many supporting examples followed by practice activities.
•Build Vocabulary – Each chapter contains a realistic number of new vocabulary words and like grammar, is presented in chunks at the point of need. 
•Develop Skills – Unique reading and video storyline mystery motivates students to read.  Dedicated speaking, listening and writing sections provide strategies and the process necessary to effectively develop skills in the target language. 
•Connect with Culture - Both “high” and “popular” cultureare woven throughout the chapters to enable students to learn to recognize and appreciate cultural diversity as they explore behaviors and values of the Spanish-speaking world. They are encouraged to think critically about these cultural practices and gifts to society.
•Personalize Learning – MySpanishLab’s proven results will be available for fall 2012 courses.

Note: MyLanguageLabs does not come automatically packaged with this text. To purchase MyLanguageLabs access, please visit:

Table of Contents

Preliminar A: Para empezar

Preliminar B: Introducciones y repasos

1: ¿Quiénes somos?

7: ¡A comer!

2: La vida universitaria

8: ¿Qué te pones?

3: Estamos en casa

9: Estamos en forma

4: Nuestra comunidad

10: ¡Viajemos!

5: ¡A divertirse! La música y el cine

11: El mundo actual

6: ¡Sí, lo sé!

12: Y por fin, ¿lo sé!


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