Anthropology: A Global Perspective, Books a la Carte Plus MyLab Anthropology with eText -- Access Card Package, 7th Edition

By Raymond R Scupin, Christopher R. DeCorse

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 13, 2011


Societal Organization and Globalization in Anthropology


Anthropology introduces students to the four fields of anthropology. It integrates historical, biological, archaeological, and global approaches with ethnographic data available from around the world. Additionally, information is drawn from both classic and recent research in the field and reflects the current state-of-the-art understanding of social and cultural changes.


Using an applied perspective, Anthropology demonstrates how anthropologists use research techniques and methods to help solve practical problems, thus showing students how anthropology is relevant to improving human societies.


Teaching and Learning Experience


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Improve Critical Thinking - Critical Perspective boxes ask students to step into an anthropologists shoes and use their own reasoning and judgment to approach and analyze problems that often arise in research situations.


Engage Students — Applying Anthropology boxes show students that anthropological research helps solve problems that are currently faced by today’s societies.  Anthropologists at Work boxes profile prominent anthropologists, providing real life examples of many issues covered in the chapters.


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Table of Contents



Part I: Basic Concepts in Anthropology

Chapter 1: Introduction to Anthropology

Chapter 2: The Record of the Past

Chapter 3: Evolution


Part II: Physical Anthropology

Chapter 4: The Primates

Chapter 5: Hominid Evolution

Chapter 6: Human Variation


Part III: Archaeology

Chapter 7: Paleolithic Cultures

Chapter 8: The Origins of Domestication and Settled Life

Chapter 9: The Rise of the State and Complex Society


Part IV: Basic Concepts of Culture and Society

Chapter 10: Culture

Chapter 11: The Process of  Enculturation: Psychological and Cognitive Anthropology

Chapter 12: Language

Chapter 13: Anthropological Explanations

Chapter 14: Analyzing Sociocultural Systems


Part V: Studying DIfferent Societies

Chapter 15: Band Societies

Chapter 16: Tribes

Chapter 17: Chiefdoms

Chapter 18: Agricultural States

Chapter 19: Industrial States


Part VI: Consequences of Globalization

Chapter 20: Globalization, Culture, and Indigenous Societies

Chapter 21: Globalization in Latin America, Africa, and the Caribbean

Chapter 22: Globalization in the Middle East and Asia


PART VII: Anthropology and the Global Future

Chapter 23: Race and Ethnicity

Chapter 24: Contemporary Global Trends

Chapter 25: Applied Anthropology