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Approaches to Early Childhood Education, CourseSmart eTextbook, 6th Edition

By Jaipaul Roopnarine, James E. Johnson

Published by Pearson

Published Date: May 11, 2012

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For undergraduate and graduate level Issues and Models courses in Early Childhood Education.


This unique volume, with contributions by 32 experts in the field, addresses the new directions, research, applications, and multiple approaches to instruction and learning, with the aim of increasing the knowledge of early childhood education for its readers.


First published in 1987, this compilation textbook provides valuable and current information about our best knowledge and applications in early education. Tracking important changes and adaptations of the major approaches to early education, such as Montessori, Bank Street, Project Approach, Reggio, and a host of others, the important dimension and characteristics in the development and implementation of the major curricular models and programs in Early Childhood Education are examined in detail. Furthermore, the context and history and current issues and trends in the field as it evolves are covered in special chapters. Continued emphasis remains on inclusion, diversity, and fostering multicultural competence within the profession to help prepare a new generation of educators and child and family specialists to better serve today’s young children and their families across multiple cultural communities and early education settings. The sixth edition of Roopnarine and Johnson’s edited text is the best preparation tool on the market for future early childhood educators—tomorrow’s leaders in the field—because it provides the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the ever-changing needs and challenges of teaching in today’s world. 

Table of Contents



Chapter 1:        History of Early Childhood Education in Multicultural Perspective

                            Blyth F. Hinitz, College of New Jersey

Chapter 2:        The Program for Infant/Toddler Care

                            J. Ronald Lally and Peter L. Mangione,

                            WestEd, San Francisco, California

Chapter 3         The Head Start Program

                            Douglas R. Powell, Purdue University

Chapter 4         Home Visiting Programs

                            Barbara Hanna Wasik, Adrienne Villagomez, Sheena Berry, and Priya Mulholkar,

                            University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill




Chapter 5         Including Everyone: A Model Preschool Program for Children with and Without Disabilities

                            David Smukler, State University of New York at Cortland

                            Ellen Barnes, Jowonio School, Syracuse, New York

Chapter 6         More Than the Sum of Its Parts: Creating Multicultural and Linguistically Responsive Early Childhood Classrooms

                            Aisha Ray and Luisiana Melendez. Erikson Institute

Chapter 7         Early Prevention Initiatives

                            Karen L. Bierman, Celene Domitrovich, and Harriet Darling,

                            The Pennsylvania State University

Chapter 8         Assessment for Learning in the Early Childhood Classroom,

                            Jie-Qi Chen and Gillian McNamee, Erikson Institute




Chapter  9        Creative Curriculum

                            Diane T. Dodge, Cate Heroman, and Kai-leé Berke, Teaching Strategies, Inc.

Chapter 10       The High/Scope Model of Early Childhood Education

                            Lawrence J. Schweinhart and David P. Weikart (deceased)

                            High/Scope Educational Research Foundation, Ypsilanti, Michigan

Chapter 11       Tools of the Mind: The Vygotskian Approach to Early Childhood Education

                            Elena Bodrova, Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning

                            Deborah J. Leong, Metro State College

Chapter 12       The Developmental–Interaction Approach at Bank Street College of Education

                            Harriet K. Cuffaro and Nancy Nager, Bank Street College of Education

Chapter 13       The Project Approach: An Overview

                            Lilian G. Katz, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

                            Sylvia C. Chard, University of Alberta, Canada




Chapter 14      The Piramide Method

                            Jef J. van Kuyk, CITO Corporation, Arnhem, The Netherlands

Chapter 15       Reggio Emilia in the 21st Century:  Enduring Commitments Amid New Challenges

                            Rebecca S. New, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

                            Rebecca Kantor, University of Colorado-Denver

Chapter 16       Montessori Education Today

                            Martha Torrence, Cambridge Montessori School

                            John Chattin-McNichols, Seattle University

Chapter 17       The Waldorf Approach to Early Childhood Education

                            Christy L. Williams, Fairbrook First Steps Christian Preschool

                            James E. Johnson, The Pennsylvania State University

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