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Assessing Learners Online, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Albert Oosterhof, Rita-Marie Conrad, Donald P. Ely

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Oct 25, 2007

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Online assessment and, more broadly, the entire online learning environment provides expanded opportunities to actively and creatively engage the learner.  The approach the authors have taken in this book is to work from the established fundamentals of assessment, applying these principles to the online environment.  The authors emphasize basic issues of assessment such as establishing the evidence of validity for assessments, but the context of the discussion is always that of an online environment.  Written by leading technology experts, this clear and practical text serves as a training guide for assessing online or distance learners. Readers learn how to select what should be assessed, how to use written tests and projects to evaluate the skills learners have achieved, how to provide feedback to learners, and how to efficiently use course management software. The authors believe educators involved with online training and education must have the same assessment expectations and standards as those in conventional, face-to-face environments. 


This book is appropriate for instructional designers and educators involved with online training and education as well as for college courses concerned with the design and delivery of distance or other forms of online instruction.  It also has utility as a personal reference for instructors of courses that assess students online.


Table of Contents

PART I.    Establishing a Framework for Assessing Students

1.     Historical Perspective

2.     Measuring Knowledge

3.     Gathering Evidence of Validity

4.     Generalizing Observed Performance to Unobserved Performance


PART II.     Determining an Assessment Plan

5.     Determining What to Assess

6.     Determining How Assessments Will Be Interpreted and Used


PART III.     Producing and Administering Written Assessments

7.     Creating Constructed-Response Items

8.     Creating Fixed-Response Items

9.     Administering Written Tests on the Web


PART IV.    Producing and Administering Performance Assessments 

10.    Considerations When Using Performance Assessments

11.    Creating Online Performance Assessments

12.    Managing Online Performance Assessments


PART V.    Assessing Online Interaction and Collaboration

13.    Interaction and Collaboration Online

14.    Managing Assessment of Interaction and Collaboration





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