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Attending and Enjoying Concerts CourseSmart for Attending and Enjoying Concerts, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Ken Bloom

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Oct 30, 2009

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For many students, the concert going experience is entirely new; they are not sure what to wear, how to plan for the event, when to applaud, how to use the program, and how to evaluate what they have heard.  There are many different types of concert going opportunities: from traditional classical recitals to church choir performances to jazz and rock clubs, each having its own special etiquette and rules for behavior. This book will offer a concise, friendly guide for the student to how to attend and enjoy concerts as a lifelong activity.

Table of Contents

1. Types of Performances

Classical: Instrumental


               Chamber Music

                Solo Recital

Classical: Vocal

              Solo Recital


              Religious Choir


              Popular Musical Theater

              Jazz & Rock

                        Concert Hall



              Folk, Traditional, and World


2. Discovering Opportunities to Hear Music

                 Newspapers/Arts Sections

                 Specialized Publications



             Mailing Lists

             Season Subscriptions

             Box Offices

             Saving Money (Student Rush, etc.)

             Open Rehearsals

             Special Needs/Assistance (Handicap access, hearing impaired, etc.)


3. Classical Instrumental Performances

                    Preparing for the Concert

                    What to Bring

                    The Program: How to Use It

                    Types of Pieces

                    Basic Terminology

                    Etiquette and Behavior

     When to Applaud


4. Opera

          Preparation: Learning the Story 

          The Program: How to Use It

          Why Aren’t Operas Sung in English? 

          Supertitles and Other Aids

          Special Demands of Opera Singing

          Maximizing Your Enjoyment


5. Popular Musical Theater


         Original Productions vs. Revivals

         The Program: How to Use It

         Etiquette and Behavior

 Festivals: Survival Strategies


6. Rock and Jazz


         Surviving Nightclubs and Bars

         Protecting Your Ears

         Etiquette and Behavior

         Festivals: Survival Strategies


7. Folk, World, and Traditional

   Understanding Different Cultures

   Preparing for the Concert

   Surviving Coffeehouses and Clubs

   Etiquette and Behavior


8. Writing About What You Hear

        Taking Notes During Performances

        Using the Program

        Weighing Audience Reaction

        Evaluating Musical Performances








Concert Venues in Major University Towns

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