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Authors in the Classroom: A Transformative Education Process

By Alma Flor Ada, F. Isabel Campoy

Published by Pearson

Published Date: May 28, 2003


Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy combine inspirational examples and practical how-to's to create a unique resource for teachers!


Thousands of teachers have experienced the awakening of their own creative writing voice through participating in the writing courses and workshops offered by Alma Flor Ada and Isabel Campoy. The rich tapestry of these teachers' voices is a major highlight of this book. In turn, teachers have used their own self-published works to inspire students and parents to write their own stories, and those voices are included in here as well.


In addition to offering a plethora of inspiring examples of works authored by classroom teachers, parents, and students, this book also includes practical, step-by-step activities and a solid grounding in theory. Written in a clear and reader-friendly style, this combination will enable teachers to experience the benefits of this creative approach to building strong classroom communities.

  • Includes 10 thematic units, with writing starters and activities for teachers, parents, and children.
  • Features sections on facilitating classroom dialogue and unlearning oppression/education for liberation.
  • Showcases abundant examples of teachers' self-published books, as well as students' and parents' writing.

Table of Contents



1. Transformative Education.

Underlying Principles.

Oppression and Liberation: A Closer Look.

2. Authors in the Classroom.

Providing Models for Creative Expression.

Strengthening Teachers' Personal Voice.

Classroom-Generated Books as Cultural Bridges.

Awakening the Author Within.

Types of Books Written by Teachers.

Benefits of Authoring Books.

Benefits of Self-Published Books.

What About Standardized Testing?

3. The Role of Dialogue in the Classroom.

Benefits of Dialogue.

Principles of Creative Dialogue.

The Issue of Time.

Facilitating Reflective Dialogue In the Classroom.


1. Affirming Self.

2. Recognizing Human Qualities.

3. Strengthening Self-Identity.

4. Building Communities.

5. The Power of Transformation.

6. Understanding the Past, Creating the Future.

7. Discovering Our Capacities and Strengths.

8. Learning to Know.

9. Developing Relationships.

10. From Yesterday to Tomorrow.

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Authors in the Classroom: A Transformative Education Process

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