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Automotive Brake Systems, CourseSmart eTextbook, 5th Edition

By James D. Halderman

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Nov 6, 2009

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For courses in Automotive Brake Systems or Automotive Chassis Systems.


Part of Prentice Hall’s Professional Technician series, this book offers complete coverage of the parts, operation, design, and troubleshooting of brake systems. It correlates material to task lists specified by ASE and NATEF and emphasizes a diagnostic approach throughout. Chapter features include Tech Tips, Diagnostic Stories, High-Performance Tips, Frequently Asked Questions and more. Packaged with a multi-media CD-ROM, the approach includes live action videos, flash animations, an ASE test preparation website and worksheets designed to prepare students for certification and their on-the-job responsibilities.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 Service Information, Tools, and Safety 

CHAPTER 2 Environmental and Hazardous Materials 

CHAPTER 3 Braking System Components and Performance Standards 

CHAPTER 4 Braking System Principles 

CHAPTER 5 Brake Hydraulic Systems 

CHAPTER 6 Hydraulic Valves and Switches 

CHAPTER 7 Brake Fluid and Lines 

CHAPTER 8 Brake Bleeding Methods and Procedures 

CHAPTER 9 Wheel Bearings and Service 

CHAPTER 10 Drum Brakes  

CHAPTER 11 Drum Brake Diagnosis and Service  

CHAPTER 12 Disc Brakes  

CHAPTER 13 Disc Brake Diagnosis and Service  

CHAPTER 14 Parking Brake Operation, Diagnosis, and Service  

CHAPTER 15 Machining Brake Drums and Rotors 

CHAPTER 16 Power Brake Unit Operation, Diagnosis, and Service 

CHAPTER 17 Regenerative Braking Systems 

CHAPTER 18 ABS Components and Operation 

CHAPTER 19 Antilock Brake Systems 

CHAPTER 20 ABS Diagnosis and Service 

CHAPTER 21 Electronic Stability Control Systems

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