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Basic CAD for Interior Designers: AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop, and VIZ Render 2007

By Jin Feng, Jiang Lu

Published by Peachpit Press

Published Date: Jun 13, 2007

Table of Contents



Part I: AutoCAD


Chapter one: Basic knowledge to start

Chapter two: Start a floor plan

Chapter three: Modify and add on to the floor plan

Chapter four: Get organized with layers

Chapter five: Draw the furniture plan

Chapter six: Draw the reflected ceiling plan

Chapter seven: Dimensions

Chapter eight: Draw an elevation

Chapter nine: Draw a detail

Chapter ten: Legend and schedule

Chapter eleven: Plotting

Chapter twelve: Assemble the finished drawing

Chapter thirteen: Build a 3D model

Chapter fourteen: Rendering


Part II: An Introduction to Architectural Desktop


Chapter fifteen: Construct the space model

Chapter sixteen: Create the reflected plan

Chapter seventeen: Finish the model

Chapter eighteen: Rendering with VIZ Render