Basic Mathematics plus MyLab Math/MyLab Statistics Student Access Code Card

By Brian F. Goetz, Graham F. Smith, John Tobey

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 15, 2010


This package consists of the textbook plus an access kit for MyMathLab/MyStatLab.

Basic Mathematics, by Goetz, Smith, and Tobey, is your on-ramp to success in mathematics! The authors provide generous levels of support and interactivity throughout their text, helping you experience many small successes, one concept at a time. You will take an active role while using this text through making decisions, solving exercises, or answering questions as you read. This interactive structure allows you to get up to speed at your own pace, while also developing the skills necessary to succeed in future mathematics courses. To deepen the interactive nature of the book, Twitter® is used throughout the text, with the authors also providing a tweet for every exercise set of every section, giving you timely hints and suggestions to help with specific exercises.

MyMathLab provides a wide range of homework, tutorial, and assessment tools that make it easy to manage your course online.

Table of Contents

1. Whole Numbers

1.1 Understanding Whole Numbers

1.2 Adding Whole Numbers

1.3 Subtracting Whole numbers

1.4 Multiplying Whole Numbers

1.5 Dividing Whole Numbers

1.6 Exponents, Groupings, and the Order of Operations

1.7 Properties of Whole Numbers

1.8 The Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple

1.9 Applications with Whole Numbers

Chapter 1 Chapter Organizer

Chapter 1 Review Exercises

Chapter 1 Practice Test


2. Fractions

2.1 Visualizing Fractions

2.2 Multiplying Fractions

2.3 Dividing Fractions

2.4 Adding and Subtracting Fractions

2.5 Fractions and the Order of Operations

2.6 Mixed Numbers

Chapter 2 Chapter Organizer

Chapter 2 Review Exercises

Chapter 2 Practice Test


3. Decimals

3.1 Understanding Decimal Numbers

3.2 Adding and Subtracting Decimal Numbers

3.3 Multiplying Decimal Numbers

3.4 Dividing Decimal Numbers

Chapter 3 Chapter Organizer

Chapter 3 Review Exercises

Chapter 3 Practice Test


4. Ratios, Rates, and Proportions

4.1 Ratios and Rates

4.2 Writing and Solving Proportions

4.3 Applications of Ratios, Rates and Proportions

Chapter 4 Chapter Organizer

Chapter 4 Review Exercises

Chapter 4 Practice Test


5. Percents

5.1 Percents, Fractions, and Decimals

5.2 Use Proportions to Solve Percent Exercises

5.3 Use Equations to Solve Percent Exercises

Chapter 5 Chapter Organizer

Chapter 5 Review Exercises

Chapter 5 Practice Test


6. Units of Measure

6.1 U.S. System Units of Measure

6.2 Metric System Units of Measure

6.3 Converting Between the U.S. System and the Metric System

Chapter 6 Chapter Organizer

Chapter 6 Review Exercises

Chapter 6 Practice Test


7. Geometry

7.1 Angles

7.2 Polygons

7.3 Perimeter and Area

7.4 Circles

7.5 Volume

7.6 Square Roots and the Pythagorean Theorem

7.7 Similarity

Chapter 7 Chapter Organizer

Chapter 7 Review Exercises

Chapter 7 Practice Test


8. Statistics

8.1 Reading Graphs

8.2 Mean, Median and Mode

Chapter 8 Chapter Organizer

Chapter 8 Review Exercises

Chapter 8 Practice Test


9. Signed Numbers

9.1 Understanding Signed Numbers

9.2 Adding and Subtracting Signed Numbers

9.3 Multiplying and Dividing Signed Numbers

9.4 The Order of Operations and Signed Numbers

Chapter 9 Chapter Organizer

Chapter 9 Review Exercises

Chapter 9 Practice Test


10. Introduction to Algebra

10.1 Introduction to Variables

10.2 Operations with Variable Expressions

10.3 Solving One-Step Equations

10.4 Solving Multi-Step Equations

Chapter 10 Chapter Organizer

Chapter 10 Review Exercises

Chapter 10 Practice Test



A. Additional Practice and Review

            Section 1.2 Extra Practice, Addition Facts

            Section 1.3 Extra Practice, Subtraction Facts

            Section 1.4 Extra Practice, Multiplication Facts

            Mid Chapter Review, Chapter 1

            Mid Chapter Review, Chapter 2

            Mid Chapter Review, Chapter 9

B. Tables

            Basic Facts for Addition

            Basic Facts for Multiplication

            Square Roots

            U.S. and Metric Measurements and Conversions


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