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Basic Methods of Policy Analysis and Planning, 3rd Edition

By Carl Patton, David Sawicki, Jennifer Clark

Published by Taylor and Francis

Published Date: Mar 7, 2012

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Updated in its 3rd edition, Basic Methods of Policy Analysis and Planning presents quickly applied methods for analyzing and resolving planning and policy issues at state, regional, and urban levels.  Divided into two parts, Methods which presents quick methods in nine chapters and is organized around the steps in the policy analysis process, and Cases which presents seven policy cases, ranging in degree of complexity, the text provides readers with the resources they need for effective policy planning and analysis. Quantitative and qualitative methods are systematically combined to address policy dilemmas and urban planning problems. Readers and analysts utilizing this text gain comprehensive skills and background needed to impact public policy.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Need for Simple Methods of Policy Analysis and Planning

Chapter 2: The Policy Analysis Process

Chapter 3: Crosscutting Methods

Chapter 4: Verifying, Defining, and Detailing the Problem

Chapter 5: Establishing Evaluation Criteria

Chapter 6: Identifying Alternatives

Chapter 7: Evaluating Alternative Policies

Chapter 8: Displaying Alternatives and Distinguishing among Them

Chapter 9: Monitoring and Evaluating Implemented Policies



Chapter 10: Downtown Development

Chapter 11: Defending against Accusations of Discriminatory Housing Practices

Chapter 12: Municipal Garbage: Solid-Waste Collection Methods

Chapter 13: University On Campus Parking Policies

Chapter 14: Emergency Aid for Home Heating Fuel: Developing an Allocation


Chapter 15: A State Tax on Plastic Shopping Bags

Chapter 16: Public-Private Redevelopment Projects: The Case of Underground



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