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Be a Dividend Millionaire: A Proven, Low-Risk Approach That Will Generate Income for the Long Term

By Paul Rubillo

Published by FT Press

Published Date: Jan 21, 2016


Millions of investors are struggling to build a nest egg in the face of today’s brutal market realities. For many of them, dividend investing represents the perfect low-risk approach. Over the past 80 years, dividends have accounted for over 44% of the S&P’s total returns. Now, there’s an up-to-date, practical, step-by-step guide to successful dividend investing. In Be a Dividend Millionaire: A Proven, Low-Risk Approach That Will Generate Income for the Long Term, Paul Rubillo, the founder of, delivers all the information you need to invest successfully in dividend stocks and attain long-term financial freedom.


Rubillo explains why dividend stock investing is the only long-term strategy that actually works, and offers a comprehensive plan for achieving real financial stability. You’ll discover:


·         What to do now, before you invest in anything

·         Why asset managers and financial planners won’t help you pick the right dividend stock

·         Why cash-rich companies aren’t always a good investment

·         How compounding returns can make you a Dividend Millionaire

·         Why dividend dates matter, and how to use them

·         How to find safe dividend yields, and avoid “dividend traps”

·         How to save money by periodically auditing your brokerage account

·         When to sell, and how to use stop-loss orders to protect your profits


Table of Contents

Preface     xiii

Introduction     1

Chapter 1: Lessons to Learn from the Recent Economic Downturn     5

Chapter 2: Paul’s Ten Step Plan to Financial Stability     13

Chapter 3: What to Know Before You Invest     37

Chapter 4: Investing Rules to Live By     47

Chapter 5: How to Find Winners and Avoid Losers     57

Chapter 6: Selling Is a Virtue     75

Chapter 7: Dividend Stock Investing: The Only Long-Term Strategy That Works     91

Chapter 8: Trading Techniques and Pitfalls That All Investors Should Know     113

Conclusion     133