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Beat the Market: Win with Proven Stock Selection and Market Timing Tools

By Gerald Appel

Published by FT Press

Published Date: Dec 11, 2008


“In this compelling book, Gerald Appel distills a lifetime of learning about what works on Wall Street into key principles of investment success. Whether you are new to the world of finance or you’re a veteran portfolio manager, you will gain from Gerald’s innovative research and his discerning insights into price behavior.”

Nelson Freeburg, Editor and Publisher, Formula Research


“This new book by Gerald Appel follows the rich legacy he has established over the years; it is a treasure chest of valuable advice which bestows on the reader the benefit of his decades of investment experience. It receives my highest recommendation.”

Edward D. Dobson, President, Traders Press


You can clearly outperform the stock market indexes and a “buy and hold” approach to investing. Leading investment expert Gerald Appel shows you how. Appel introduces The Weekly Stock Market Power Gauge that employs three specific market timing indicators that have had excellent performance histories going back as far as 1970. These timing indicators enable you to gauge the market strength and can be maintained by almost any investor in only a few minutes per week.


Using Appel’s techniques, you’ll learn how to forecast the likely direction of the market, and its relative strength compared with fixed income and other investments. The book provides exact buy-sell indicators, with specific signal generators and track records for readers to follow. In addition, Appel’s techniques help you identify the specific mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and market sectors that are likely to be most profitable.


Simply put, Appel shows you what information you need to forecast the direction of stock prices with high probabilities of success, where to readily locate that information, how to interpret that information, and when to enter and when to exit the stock market.

  • Gauge the market’s true inner pulse...
    ...and identify major market shifts in time to leverage them
  • Optimize your portfolio’s blend of risk and reward
    Use proven timing models to systematically reduce risk and maximize profit opportunities
  • Master powerful momentum investing techniques
    Win by going with the flow, not against it
  • Select the right equities, ETFs, and mutual funds
    Objectively choose the best investments in any market environment

Table of Contents

Introduction     xix

Prologue     xxiii

CHAPTER 1 Your Basic Investment Strategy     1

CHAPTER 2 Bond-Stock Valuation Models–A Key Market Forecasting Tool     7

CHAPTER 3 Government Bond Yields Compared to Earnings Yields     25

CHAPTER 4 Achieving a 92.59% Profit Ratio     33

CHAPTER 5 How to Gauge the True Inner Pulse of the Stock Market     49

CHAPTER 6 Indicator Synergy Plus     83

CHAPTER 7 Creating the Best Blends of Risk and Reward in Your Portfolio     89

CHAPTER 8 Putting Together Your Winning Investment Portfolio     105

CHAPTER 9 A Primer for Profitable Mutual Fund Selection     121

CHAPTER 10 Momentum Investing–Win by Going with the Flow     139

CHAPTER 11 The Final Word     157

EPILOGUE     163

APPENDIX Performance Histories: Five Timing Models     167

Index     177