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Beginning Teaching Portfolio Handbook, A: Documenting and Reflecting on Your Professional Growth and Abilities

By Bill R. Foster, Michael L. Walker, Kim Hyunsook Song

Published by Pearson

Published Date: May 12, 2006

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  What You Need to Know About Portfolios and Portfolio Assessment
Chapter 2:  Getting Started on Your Portfolio
Chapter 3:  Reflective Analysis and Your Portfolio
Chapter 4:  Implementing INTASC Principle 1 in Your Portfolio
Chapter 5:  Implementing INTASC  Principle 2 in Your Portfolio
Chapter 6:  Implementing INTASC Principle 3 in Your Portfolio
Chapter 7:  Implementing INTASC Principle 4 in Your Portfolio
Chapter 8:  Implementing INTASC Principle 5 in Your Portfolio
Chapter 9:  Implementing INTASC Principle 6 in Your Portfolio
Chapter 10:  Implementing INTASC Principle 7 in Your Portfolio
Chapter 11:  Implementing INTASC Principle 8 in Your Portfolio
Chapter 12:  Implementing INTASC Principle 9 in Your Portfolio

Chapter 13:  Implementing INTASC Principle 10 in Your Portfolio

Chapter 14:  Implementing the ISTE Technology Standards in Your Portfolio

Chapter 15:  Converting Your Certification Portfolio into a Job-Search Portfolio, Professional

                     Development Portfolio, or National Board Portfolio

Chapter 16:  Preparing a Digital Portfolio

Appendix A:  Interstate New Teaching Assessment Support and Consortium (INTASC) Principles

Appendix B:  Alignment of INTASC Principles, Charlotte Danielson’s Domains, and the NBPTS

                      Core Propositions and Criteria

Appendix C:  Web Sites for Learned Societies and pK-12 Standards

Appendix D:  International Society of Technology Education (ISTE) National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS*T)

Appendix E:  National Education Association: Code of Ethics of the Education Profession


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