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Beyond Red State and Blue State: Electoral Gaps in the 21st Century American Electorate, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Laura R. Olson, John C. Green

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 9, 2008

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Beyond Red State and Blue State: Electoral Gaps in the 21st Century American Electorate explores the many demographic gaps that exist within the American electorate.   


This book is designed to explore the most important voting gaps in American politics today.  It shows that twenty-first-century Americans are divided on a wide range of political fronts that go far beyond the somewhat simplistic “red state, blue state” rubric that has become so popular in American political discourse.  Reality is far more complex.  The authors capture and explain this complexity through a collection of chapters by leading scholars of a range of voting gaps, including racial/ethnic gaps, the marriage gap, the worship attendance gap, the income/class gap, the rural/urban gap, the gender gap, and the generation gap.  Also included is a chapter by a leading political pollster and strategist, Anna Greenberg, on how campaigns use information about voting gaps.

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Chapter 1: “Gapology” and the 2004 Presidential Vote

by John C. Green and Laura R. Olson

“Gapology” and the 2004 Presidential Vote

Piecing the Gaps Together

The Plan of the Book



Chapter 2: Racial and Ethnic Gaps

by Harwood K. McClerking

Group Identification and Group-Based Heuristics

A History of Groups in Politics

The Significance of Groups in Politics: The Case of African Americans

Group-Based Heuristics and African American Politics

Making Sense of Heuristics

Expectations on the Future of Racial/Ethnic Electoral Gaps



Chapter 3: The Marriage Gap

by Amy R. Gershkoff

The Different Political Worlds of Married and Unmarried America

The Rise of Unmarried America and the Changing American Family

A Tale of Two Cohorts

Causes of the Marriage Gap

Political Mobilization

The Future of the Marriage Gap and Related Research



Chapter 4: The Worship Attendance Gap

by Laura R. Olson and John C. Green

The Sociological Roots of the Worship Attendance Gap

The Political Roots of the Worship Attendance Gap

The Emergence of the Worship Attendance Gap

The Worship Attendance Gap in 2004

Will the Worship Attendance Gap Persist in the Future?



Chapter 5: The Class Gap

by Hector L. Ortiz and Jeffrey M. Stonecash

The Development of Class Analyses

The Evidence on Class Divisions

Class Divisions in American Politics

Constraints on Class Divisions

Culture Wars and Class Divisions

Income and Abortion Views




Chapter 6: The Rural-Urban Gap

by James G. Gimpel and Kimberly A. Karnes

Urban Voters and Democratic Loyalty

Rural Voters and Republican Loyalty

Sources of Urban-Rural Division in Place-Based Stereotypes

Economic Change and the Experience of Economic Change

Entrepreneurial Self-Images and Private Property

Weeding out the Failures: Labor Market Migration




Chapter 7: The Gender Gap

by Karen M. Kaufmann

The History of the Modern Gender Gap: 1952 to 2004

The Gender Gap in 2004




Chapter 8: The Generation Gap

by Anand Edward Sokhey and Paul A. Djupe

Age Groups, Socialization, and the Study of Generations

The Generation Gap in the Presidential Vote

The Generation Gap in 2004

Explaining the Generation Gap in 2004




Chapter 9: Targeting and Electoral Gaps

byAnna Greenberg

Targeting Base Supporters and Persuadable Voters

Defining Voters

Using Targeting Information






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