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Biological Science, CourseSmart eTextbook, 3rd Edition

By Scott Freeman

Published by Benjamin Cummings

Published Date: Feb 7, 2008

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Learn Biology by Learning to Think like a Scientist


This pioneering text combines research-focused storytelling with the Socratic method to get students to think like practicing scientists. Each page of the book is designed in the spirit of active learning, asking students to apply critical thinking skills as they learn key concepts. Accounts of real researchers designing and analyzing real experiments, carefully punctuated by thoughtful questions and exercises, train introductory students in the process of DOING biology.


With input from over 20 student focus groups and an advisory board of expert biology educators, Scott Freeman has refined the Third Edition to fully tap into students’ interest, imagination, and learning abilities. The clear writing, lucid illustrations, and active-learning features of previous editions have been strengthened as a result of the meticulous research and revision process conducted with students and the advisory board. New study tools directly address two of the biggest learning challenges for introductory students: finding important information and recognizing whether or not they truly understand a concept. Praised for its sensible use of evolutionary analysis and molecular biology as unifying themes, the new edition has also been thoroughly revised for accuracy, clarity, and currency.

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Table of Contents

1 Biology and the Tree of Life 


Unit 1:The Molecules of Life

2. Water and Carbon: The Chemical Basis of Life

3. Protein Structure and Function 

4. Nucleic Acids and the RNA World 

5. An Introduction to Carbohydrates 

6. Lipids, Membranes, and the First Cells 


Unit 2: Cell Structure and Function 

7. Inside the Cell 

8. Cell-Cell Interactions 

9. Cellular Respiration and Fermentation 

10. Photosynthesis 

11. The Cell Cycle 


Unit 3: Gene Structure and Expression 

12. Meiosis 

13. Mendel and the Gene 

14. DNA and the Gene: Synthesis and Repair

15. How Genes Work 

16. Transcription and Translation 

17. Control of Gene Expression in Bacteria 

18.Control of Gene Expression in Eukaryotes 

19. Analyzing and Engineering Genes

20. Genomics 


Unit 4: Developmental Biology 

21. Principles of Development 

22. An Introduction to Animal Development 

23. An Introduction to Plant Development


Unit 5: Evolutionary Processes and Patterns 

24. Evolution by Natural Selection 

25. Evolutionary Processes

26. Speciation 

27. Phylogenies and the History of Life 


Unit 6: The Diversification of Life 

28. Bacteria and Archaea

29. Protists 

30. Green Plants

31. Fungi

32. An Introduction to Animals

33. Protostome Animals

34. Deuterostome Animals

35. Viruses


Unit 7: How Plants Work 

36. Plant Form and Function 

37. Water and Sugar Transport in Plants 

38. Plant Nutrition 

39. Plant Sensory Systems, Signals, and Responses

40. Plant Reproduction 


Unit 8: How Animals Work 

41. Animal Form and Function 

42. Water and Electrolyte Balance in Animals 

43. Animal Nutrition 

44. Gas Exchange and Circulation

45. Electrical Signals in Animals 

46. Animal Sensory Systems and Movement 

47. Chemical Signals in Animals 

48. Animal Reproduction 

49. The Immune System in Animals 


Unit 9: Ecology 

50. An Introduction to Ecology 

51. Behavior 

52. Population Ecology 

53. Community Ecology 

54. Ecosystems 

55. Biodiversity and Conservation 

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