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Biological Science Volume 3, 4th Edition

By Scott Freeman

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 3, 2010


Supports and motivates you as you learn to think like a biologist.


Building upon Scott Freeman’s unique narrative style that incorporates the Socratic approach and draws you into thinking like a biologist, the Fourth Edition has been carefully refined to motivate and support a broader range of learners as they are introduced to new concepts and encouraged to develop and practice new skills. Each page of the book is designed in the spirit of active learning and instructional reinforcement, equipping novice learners with tools that help them advance in the course–from recognizing essential information in highlighted sections to demonstrating and applying their understanding of concepts in practice exercises that gradually build in difficulty.     

Table of Contents

1. Biology and the Tree of Life 

36. Plant Form and Function 

37. Water and Sugar Transport in Plants 

38. Plant Nutrition 

39. Plant Sensory Systems, Signals, and Responses

40. Plant Reproduction 

41. Animal Form and Function 

42. Water and Electrolyte Balance in Animals 

43. Animal Nutrition 

44. Gas Exchange and Circulation

45. Electrical Signals in Animals 

46. Animal Sensory Systems and Movement 

47. Chemical Signals in Animals 

48. Animal Reproduction 

49. The Immune System in Animals 

50. An Introduction to Ecology 

51. Behavioral Ecology 

52. Population Ecology 

53. Community Ecology 

54. Ecosystems 

55. Biodiversity and Conservation 


Biological Science Volume 3, 4th Edition

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