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Biostatistical Analysis, CourseSmart eTextbook, 5th Edition

By Jerrold H. Zar

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 24, 2009

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Introduces all biostatistical methods while assuming no statiscal background. Enormously comprehensive, topical coverage that covers all areas of the biology curriculum that benefit from that benefit from statistical analysis.

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Table of Contents

1. Data: Types and Presentations

2. Populations and Samples

3. Measures of Central Tendency

4. Measures of Variability and Dispersion

5. Probabilities

6. The Normal Distribution

7. One-Sample Hypotheses

8. Two-Sample Hypotheses

9. Paired-Sample Hypotheses

10. Multisample Hypotheses and the Analysis of Variance

11. Multiple Comparisons

12. Two-Factor Analysis of Variance

13. Data Transformations

14. Multiway Factorial Analysis of Variance

15. Nested (Hierarchical) Analysis of Variance

16. Multivariate Analysis of Variance

17. Simple Linear Regression

18. Comparing Simple Linear Regression Equations

19. Simple Linear Correlation

20. Multiple Regression and Correlation

21. Polynomial Regression

22. Testing for Goodness of Fit

23. Contingency Tables

24. Dichotomous Variables

25. Testing for Randomness

26. Circular Distributions: Descriptive Statistics

27. Circular Distributions: Hypothesis Testing

Appendix A: The Greek Alphabet

Appendix B: Statistical Tables and Graphs

Appendix C: The Effects of Coding Data

Appendix B: Analysis of Variance Hypothesis Testing

Answers to Exercises

Literature Cited

Author Index

Subject Index


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