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Blueprint Reading for Machine Trades, 7th Edition

By Russ Schultz, Larry Smith

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Oct 11, 2011


This practical workbook systematically teaches the crucial skills that manufacturing trades students need to accurately read and correctly interpret blueprints. Students master each new concept through immediate hands-on problem-solving. No prior blueprint reading knowledge is required, and no materials are required beyond a pencil and eraser. BLUEPRINT READING FOR MACHINE TRADES, 7/e begins with the absolute basics, then progresses to visualization, and finally, to multiview drawings. Diverse questions are provided to stimulate interest, including short answer, multiple choice, true/false, and sketching. The book has proven itself in both classroom and industrial settings, and has also been widely used for self-teaching. This edition reflects the latest industry standards, including ASME Y14.5-2009 and CAN3-B78.1-M83.

Table of Contents


Dictionary of Terms. Standard Abbreviations. Alphabet of Lines.



Dimensioning Systems. Blueprints vs. Whiteprints. Engineering Drawings. Title Blocks. Drawing Notes. Single-View Drawings. Detail Drawings. Center Lines. Diameters and RADII. Break Lines. Typical Dimensions. Tolerances. Bolt Circles. Maximum Material Condition and Least Material Condition. Allowance. Arcs and Circles.



Orthographic Projection. Third-Angle Projection. First-Angle Projection. Isometric Sketching.



Reading Multiview Drawings. Precedence of Lines. Accumulated Tolerances. Dimensioning Methods.



Orthographic Projection of Inclined Planes. Foreshortened Views. Angular Dimensions. Included Angle. Slots and Grooves.



Reference Dimensions. Blind Holes. Chamfers. Keyseats and Keyways. Counterbores and Countersinks. Angular Hole Locations. Castings. Finish Symbols. Finish Allowance. Fillets and Rounds. Clearance Holes. Half-Views. Surface Roughness. Roughness Average (Ra). Surface Roughness Chart. Surface Texture Symbol.



Bosses and Pads. Slotted Holes. Casting and Dimensions. Tapers. Standard Tapers. Necks. Limits. Single Limits. Steel Processing. Steel Specifications. General Properties of Alloy Steels. Steel Carbon Content. Partial Enlarged Views. Stock Sizes. Knurling. Heat-Treat Notes.



Sectional Views. Full Sections and Half-Sections. Symbology. Annular Grooves. Wall Thickness. Cast Iron. Spotfacing. Revolved Sections. Broken-Out Sections. Ribs in Section. Section Line Symbols. Rotated Features. Removed Sections. Offset Sections.



Threaded Hole Specifications. Unified Thread Form. Thread Series. Classes of Fit. Threaded Hole Illustrations. Unified Thread Table. Numbered and Lettered Drills. Thread Calculations. Constant Pitch Series. Line Omission. Arrowless Dimensioning. External Threads. Thread Forms. Tabulated Dimensions. Multiple Threads. Pipe Threads. Dryseal Pipe Threads. Hex Bar Stock.



Typical Dimensions. Right Triangles. Repetitive Features. Detail Drawings. Drawing Revisions. Conical Tapers. Rockwell Hardness Test. Thread Specification Placement. Patent Drawings.



Metric Drawings. Dimensioning Symbols. Metric Threads. Metric Thread Table. Coordinate Dimensioning. Dual Dimensioning. Dimension Origin.



Auxiliary Views. Inclined Planes. Oblique Planes. Bend Allowance.



Geometric Tolerancing. Feature Control Frame. Material Condition Symbols. Projected Tolerance Zone. Basic Dimension Symbol. Datum Feature Symbol. Combined Symbols. Composite Frames. Datum Target Symbol. All Around Symbol. Form Tolerances. Datums and the Datum Reference System. Orientation Tolerances.



Location Tolerances. Runout Tolerances. Projected Tolerance Zone. Profile Tolerances. Geometric Characteristic Symbols. Former Practices. Comparison of Symbols.



Spur Gear Terminology. Spur Gear Formulas. Spur Gears. Splines.



Weldments. Welding Symbols. Resistance Welds.




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