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Brilliant Stress Management CourseSmart eTextbook: How to manage stress in any situation

By Mike Clayton

Published by FT Press

Published Date: Jul 31, 2013


Brilliant Stress Managementhelps you work out what it is that makes you stressed and shows you how you can tackle it. Whether you crumble under pressure, get angry, or simply bury your head in the sand, this book provides effective techniques to help you take the edge off and even channel your stress in a positive way.

Table of Contents

About the author




1    What stress is and is not

Signs of stress

Physiology of stress

Type A and Type B

Stress or strain?

Long-term strain

Stressors in your life

The secret of managing stress: Control


2   Control your physical response to stress

     Good posture

     Good rest

     Good humour

     Good energy

     Good fuel

     A word or two about drugs – the legal ones

     Healthy ageing


3   Control your environment


       Social connections

       Get organised

       Your space

       Your sensory environment: smells, noise, light and colour



4   Control your time

       The OATS Principle






       Say NO

       Dealing with overwhelm



5   Control your attitudes

       The iceberg model

       Dangerous attitudes and limiting beliefs

       Know what you want

       From myths to mastery

       Asserting yourself


6   Control your mental response to stress



       Determination, flexibility and persistence



       Breaking the cycle


7   Manage stress at work

       Signs and portents

       Your responsibility as a manager

       How much stress do you cause?

       How to not impose stress

       Supporting team members with stress

       Turning around a stressed work environment

       Protecting yourself from stress at work


8   Manage stress caused by change

       How change happens in the world

       How you are programmed to respond to change

       How to cope with the stress of change

       More than survival


9     Manage stress caused by conflict

       How to recognise escalating conflict

       Five approaches to dealing with conflict

       Seven-step process for resolving conflict

       Mediation and arbitration


10   Help others to manage their stress


       Helping someone to regain control

       Blame and reason

       Expert help


Relax: Last words on stress



Appendix 1   101 ways to reduce your stress

Appendix 2   Learn more




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