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Building a Digital Analytics Organization: Create Value by Integrating Analytical Processes, Technology, and People into Business Operations

By Judah Phillips

Published by Pearson FT Press

Published Date: Jul 25, 2013


Drive maximum business value from digital analytics, web analytics, site analytics, and business intelligence! In Building a Digital Analytics Organization, pioneering expert Judah Phillips thoroughly explains digital analytics to business practitioners, and presents best practices for using it to reduce costs and increase profitable revenue throughout the business. Phillips covers everything from making the business case through defining and executing strategy, and shows how to successfully integrate analytical processes, technology, and people in all aspects of operations. This unbiased and product-independent guide is replete with examples, many based on the author’s own extensive experience. Coverage includes: key concepts; focusing initiatives and strategy on business value, not technology; building an effective analytics organization; choosing the right tools (and understanding their limitations); creating processes and managing data; analyzing paid, owned, and earned digital media; performing competitive and qualitative analyses; optimizing and testing sites; implementing integrated multichannel digital analytics; targeting consumers; automating marketing processes; and preparing for the revolutionary “analytical economy.” For all business practitioners interested in analytics and business intelligence in all areas of the organization.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Using Digital Analytics to Create Business Value     1
Chapter 2 Analytics Value Chain and the P’s of Digital Analytics     11
Chapter 3 Building an Analytics Organization     59
Chapter 4 What Are Analytics Tools?     95
Chapter 5 Methods and Techniques for Digital Analysis     127
Chapter 6 Defining, Planning, Collecting, and Governing Data in Digital Analytics     161
Chapter 7 Reporting Data and Using Key Performance Indicators     187
Chapter 8 Optimization and Testing with Digital Analytics: Test, Don’t Guess     223
Chapter 9 Qualitative and Voice of Customer Data and Digital Analytics     247
Chapter 10 Competitive Intelligence and Digital Analytics     273
Chapter 11 Targeting and Automation with Digital Analytics     289
Chapter 12 Converging Omnichannels and Integrating Data for Understanding Customers, Audiences, and Media     305
Chapter 13 Future of Digital Analytics     329
Works Cited     343
Index     347