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Building Bridges: The Allyn & Bacon Student Guide to Service-Learning

By Doris Hamner

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 5, 2001

Table of Contents

1. Benefits of Service-Learning for the Student.

2. Benefits of Service-Learning for the Community.

3. Costs for the Service-Learner: Strategies for Avoiding Difficulties.

4. Finding a Placement.

5. Helpful Skills for the Service-Learner.

6. Tips on Doing Field Research: A How-To Guide on Participant Observation.

7. Writing Service-Learning Papers: What Is Reflection, Exactly?

8. Writing Service-Learning Papers: On Avoiding Some Common Mistakes.

9. Working in Groups.

Appendix: Resources for Service-Learners.

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Package ISBN-13: 9780205997046

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  • Careers in Sociology, 3rd Edition
    W. Richard Stephens
  • In Conflict and Order: Understanding Society, 13th Edition
    D. Stanley Eitzen, Maxine Baca Zinn, Kelly Eitzen Smith
  • Breaking the Ice: A Guide to Understanding People from Other Cultures, 3rd Edition
    Daisy Kabagarama
  • Short Introduction to the U.S. Census, A
    John D. Carl

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