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Building Touch Interfaces with HTML5: Develop and Design Speed up your site and create amazing user experiences

By Stephen Woods

Published by Peachpit Press

Published Date: Feb 27, 2013


HTML5 is the ideal format for designing touch interfaces to meet the demands of the rapidly growing number of tablet and smartphone users. Building Touch Interfaces with HTML5: Develop and Design will show you how to create interfaces users love, whether you’ve never created anything for the mobile web or have been unsatisfied with your results. Rather than a simple how-to, this book walks you through the tools and concepts that make touch interfaces feel right. You’ll learn about the limitations and strengths of touch devices, new interface conventions, and how to use CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5 APIs.

This book includes:

  • Easy step-by-step instruction, ample illustrations, and clear examples
  • Real-world assignments to test your skills
  • Insight into best practices from a veteran user-interface developer
  • Emphasis on the skills you need to enter the exploding world of interface development using HTML5

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Table of Contents

1.  The Mobile Landscape
2.  Creating a Simple Content Site
3.  Speeding up the First Load
4.  Speeding up the Next Visit
5.  Using PJAX to Improve the Touch Experience
6.  Taps vs Clicks: Basic Event Handling
7.  CSS Transitions, Animations, and Transforms
8.  Maximizing JavaScript Performance
9.  The Basics of Gestures
10. Scrolling and Swiping
11. Pinching and Other Complex Gestures
Appendix A: Debugging Tools
Appendix B: Mobile Framworks
Appendix C: Building a Mobile Web Application