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Business Database Systems CourseSmart eTextbook

By Thomas Connolly, Carolyn Begg, Richard Holowczak

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 23, 2013


Business Database Systems arms you with the knowledge to analyse, design and implement effective, robust and successful databases.  This book is ideal for students of Business/Management Information Systems, or Computer Science, who will be expected to take a course in database systems for their degree programme. It is also excellently suited to any practitioner who needs to learn, or refresh their knowledge of, the essentials of database management systems.

Table of Contents

Part I – Background

1. Introduction
2.The Relational Model
3. SQL and QBE
4. The database system development lifecycle

Part II – Database Analysis and Design Techniques

5. Fact Finding
6. Entity-Relationship Modeling
7. Enhanced ER Modeling
8. Normalization

Part III – Database Design Methodology

9. Conceptual Database Design, Step 1
10. Logical Database Design, Step 2
11. Physical Database Design

Part IV – Current and Emerging Trends

12. Database administration and security
13. Professional, legal, and ethical issues in data management
14. Transaction Management
15. eCommerce and Database Systems
16. Distributed and Mobile DBMSs
17. Object DBMSs
18. Business Intelligence


A   The buyer user view for StayHome Online Rentals
B   Second case study – Perfect Pets
C   Alternative data modeling notations
D   summary of the database design methodology
E   Advanced SQL
F   Guidelines for choosing indexes
G   Guidelines for denormalization
H   Object-oriented concepts
I    Common data models

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