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Business Ethics: Concepts and Cases, 7th Edition

By Manuel G. Velasquez

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jun 24, 2011

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Resolving Moral Issues in Business.


The ethical landscape of business is constantly changing, and the new edition of Business Ethics: Concepts and Cases has been revised to keep pace with those changes most effecting business: accelerating globalization, constant technological updates, proliferating of business scandals.


Business Ethics: Concepts and Cases introduces the reader to the ethical concepts that are relevant to resolving moral issues in business; imparts the reasoning and analytical skills needed to apply ethical concepts to business decisions; identifies moral issues specific to a business; provides an understanding of the social, technological, and natural environments within which moral issues in business arise; and supplies case studies of actual moral conflicts faced by businesses.


Teaching and Learning Experience


Improve Critical Thinking - Business Ethics: Concepts and Cases provides summaries of basic ideas discussed within the text in its margins; presents conceptual materials first, and then offers discussion cases second through standardized chapters; all providing students the chance to critically think about the material they are learning.


Engage Students - Study questions at the beginning of each chapter, definitions of key terms in the margins, a glossary, chapter-end study and discussion questions, end-of-chapter web resources, and chapter-opening concrete examples / cases all ensure students’ complete understanding of the material.


Support Instructors - Teaching your course just got easier!  You can create a Customized Text or use our Instructor’s Manual, Electronic “MyTest” Test Bank or PowerPoint Presentation Slides.


Table of Contents










PART ONE Basic Principles


Chapter 1 Ethics and Business

Chapter 2 Ethical Principles in Business 


PART TWO The Market and Business


Chapter 3 The Business System: Government, Markets, 

Chapter 4 Ethics in the Marketplace


PART THREE Business and Its External Exchanges:

Ecology and Consumers


Chapter 5 Ethics and the Environment  

Chapter 6 The Ethics of Consumer Production and Marketing  


PART FOUR Business and Its Internal Constituencies


Chapter 7 The Ethics of Job Discrimination

Chapter 8 Ethics and the Employee









PART ONE Basic Principles


Chapter 1 Ethics and Business


1.1 The Nature of Business Ethics

ON THE EDGE: Was National Semiconductor Morally Responsible?

1.2 Ethical Issues in Business

ON THE EDGE: A Traditional Business

1.3 Moral Responsibility and Blame

ON THE EDGE: WorldCom’s Whistleblower

ON THE EDGE: Gun Manufacturers and Responsibility


Slavery in the Chocolate Industry

Aaron Beam and the HealthSouth Fraud


Chapter 2 Ethical Principles in Business


2.1 Utilitarianism: Weighing Social Costs and Benefits

2.2 Rights and Duties

ON THE EDGE: Should Companies Dump Their Wastes In Poor


ON THE EDGE: Working for Eli Lilly & Company

ON THE EDGE: Conflict Diamonds

ON THE EDGE: ExxonMobil, Amerada Hess, and Marathon Oil in

Equatorial Guinea


Traidos Bank and Roche’s Drug Trials in China


PART TWO The Market and Business


Chapter 3 The Business System: Government, Markets,

and International Trade


3.1 Free Markets and Rights: John Locke

3.2 Free Markets and Utility: Adam Smith

3.3 Free Trade and Utility: David Ricardo

3.4 Marx and Justice: Criticizing Markets and Free Trade

ON THE EDGE: Commodification or How Free Should Free Markets Be?

ON THE EDGE: Marx’s Children

3.5 Conclusion: The Mixed Economy, the New Property,

and the End of Marxism

ON THE EDGE: Napster’s Lost Revolution

ON THE EDGE: Brian’s Franchise


The GM Bailout

Accolade versus Sega


Chapter 4 Ethics in the Marketplace


4.1 Perfect Competition

4.2 Monopoly Competition

ON THE EDGE: Drug Company Monopolies and Profits

4.3 Oligopolistic Competition

4.4 Oligopolies and Public Policy

ON THE EDGE: Fixing the Computer Memory Market

ON THE EDGE: Oracle and Peoplesoft


Intel’s “Rebates” and Other Ways It “Helped” Customers

Archer Daniels Midland and the Friendly Competitors


PART THREE Business and Its External Exchanges:

Ecology and Consumers


Chapter 5 Ethics and the Environment


5.1 The Dimensions of Pollution and Resource Depletion

5.2 The Ethics of Pollution Control

5.3 The Ethics of Conserving Depletable Resources

ON THE EDGE: Ford’s Toxic Wastes

ON THE EDGE: The Auto Companies in China

ON THE EDGE: Exporting Poison


The Ok Tedi Copper Mine

Gas or Grouse?


Chapter 6 The Ethics of Consumer Production and Marketing


6.1 Markets and Consumer Protection

6.2 The Contract View of Business Firm’s Duties to Consumers

6.3 The Due Care Theory

ON THE EDGE: The Tobacco Companies and Product Safety

6.4 The Social Costs View of the Manufacturer’s Duties

ON THE EDGE: Selling Personalized Genetics

6.5 Advertising Ethics

ON THE EDGE: Advertising Death to Kids?

ON THE EDGE: New Balance and the “Made in USA” Label

6.6 Consumer Privacy


Becton Dickinson and Needle Sticks

Reducing Debts at Credit Solutions of America


PART FOUR Business and Its Internal Constituencies


Chapter 7 The Ethics of Job Discrimination


7.1 Job Discrimination: Its Nature

ON THE EDGE: Helping Patients at Plainfield Healthcare Center

7.2 Discrimination: Its Extent


7.4 Affirmative Action

ON THE EDGE: Driving for Old Dominion

ON THE EDGE: Peter Oiler and Winn-Dixie Stores


Should Kroger pay now for what a Ralphs’ Employee did in the Past

Wal-Mart’s Women


Chapter 8 Ethics and the Employee


8.1 The Rational Organization

8.2 The Political Organization

8.3 The Caring Organization

ON THE EDGE: HP’s Secrets and Oracle’s New Hire

ON THE EDGE: Insider Trading or: What Are Friends For?

ON THE EDGE: Delivering Pizza

ON THE EDGE: Sergeant Quon’s Text Messages

ON THE EDGE: Employment at Will at Howmet Corporation?


Death at Massey Energy Company

Who Should Pay?



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