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Business Networking - The Survival Guide: How to make networking less about stress and more about success

By Will Kintish

Published by FT Press

Published Date: Jun 3, 2014


What’s stopping you networking?


You know you need to do it and, like most people, you probably hate it.


Business Networking – The Survival Guide helps you overcome all your fears and concerns. Start navigating the networking jungle like an expert as you build your confidence, raise your profile, create new connections, strengthen your support network and open up exciting new opportunities.


Effective networking – both in person and online – has never been more vital. This indispensable, friendly guide will take you step by step through the whole process so you can quickly master:


Invitations – plan, prepare and make the best of LinkedIn

Meeting people – work the room, feel comfortable and start conversations

Spotting needs – work out what people want, ask the right questions and establish credibility

Reconnecting – follow up, keep in touch and win that pitch


Networking may be necessary, but it doesn’t have to be stressful.

Table of Contents

About the author



How this book works


Part 1   Before the event

1 The invitation

2 Your LinkedIn profile (and how it fits into networking)

3 How to prepare for the event


Part 2   During the event

4 What to do on arrival

5 How to break the ice

6 How to move on

7 Dealing with groups

8 Managing rejection

9 Building relationships

10 Asking business questions

11 How to move forward


Part 3   After the event/following up

12 Reviewing your new connections

13 Reconnecting by phone

14 Using LinkedIn to create more business and career opportunities

15 Meeting again

16 Maintaining relationships


Part 4   Final words

17 Why networking matters

18 Understanding how to network with the opposite sex


And when all's been said and done