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Career Flow: A Hope-Centered Approach to Career Development, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Spencer G. Niles, Norman E. Amundson, Roberta Neault

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jul 30, 2010

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Career Flow presents creative, innovative, and useful strategies for addressing career challenges in the 21st century. Learning these competencies will serve students throughout their lifetime.


The metaphor of "career flow" is used to teach students about the career development experience. Providing a framework of essential career flow competencies helps students learn the key skills for taking control of their current and future career development. Each chapter offers objectives, a case example, tips, activities, questions for reflection, and additional resources so that students can master the various aspects of their career flow. Essential competencies of: hope, self-reflection, self-clarity, visioning, goal setting and planning, implementing and adapting are described in detail. Activities are provided to help students development these competencies for successful career self-management. The career flow metaphor lends itself to a comprehensive and realistic of the career experience. Each experience is rated whitewater (high demand times), stillwater (low demand times), and optimal(an engaging and stimulating challenge level) career flow moments. Each moment requires specific skills to manage their respective challenges effectively.

Table of Contents



Section I: Introduction

1.      Introducing Career Flow

2.      Essential Career Flow Competencies

Section II: Self-Reflecting and Self-Clarity

3.      Pursuing Your Interests (Passions)

4.      Mapping Your Skills: Those You Have and Those You Need

5.      Personality Style 

6.      Understanding Values through Workplace Attraction

7.      Connecting With Others: Social, Emotional, and Financial Support  

Section III: Visioning, Goal Setting, and Planning

8.      Optimal Career Flow and Setting Goals

9.      Connecting to the World of Work: Research, Job Leads, and Trend-Spotting

Section IV: Implementing 

10.  Turning Possibilities into Realities

11.  Engaging the Search: Generating Leads, Networking, Interviewing, and Making a Successful Transition

Section V: Adapting

12.  Career Flow Interrupted: Realizing Your Dreams in Challenging Times

13.  Whitewater and Stillwater Career Flow Experiences

14.  Expanding the Career Flow Metaphor


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