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Case Studies in Preparation for the California Reading Competency Test, CourseSmart eTextbook, 4th Edition

By Joanne C. Rossi, Beth E. Schipper

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 7, 2011

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Pre-service and practicing teachers get practical help for preparing for the challenging California Reading Initiative Competency Assessment (RICA®) in a unique case study approach that covers all domains, concepts, strategies, and assessment required by RICA®.


This is the ideal resource for pre-service teachers who want practice in synthesizing and analyzing assessment and strategies for reading in the K—8 classroom, for credential candidates who need to prepare to succeed in taking the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA®), and for in-service teachers who want to enhance their assessment and instruction, while increasing students’ learning.


The book’s unique organization includes a set of case studies at each grade level, followed by a section to assist teachers with brainstorming their knowledge as a first step in writing responses in narrative form. Following this, teachers get a section of strategic ideas that should be covered in writing their plan, as well as a sample narrative. The cases cover the diversity of student profiles in California’s school population; represent all elementary grade levels; include a wide variety of scenarios for whole classes, groups, and individual students; cover the five domains required by the RICA®; and present a full range of ready-to-use instructional strategies.

Table of Contents


Domain I: Planning and Organizing Reading Instruction Based

on Ongoing Assessment

Content Area 1: Conducting Ongoing Assessment of Reading Development

1.1 Principles of assessment

1.2 Assessing reading levels

1.3 Using and communicating assessment results

Content Area 2: Planning, Organizing, and Managing Reading Instruction

2.1 Factors involved in planning reading instruction

2.2 Organizing and managing reading instruction

Domain II: Developing Phonological and Other Linguistic

Processes Related to Reading

Content Area 3: Phonemic Awareness

3.1 Assessing phonemic awareness

3.2 The role of phonemic awareness

3.3 Developing phonemic awareness

Content Area 4: Concepts About Print

4.1 Assessing concepts about print

4.2 Concepts about print

4.3 Letter recognition

Content Area 5: Systematic, Explicit Phonics and Other Word Identification


5.1 Assessing phonics and other word identification strategies

5.2 Explicit phonics instruction

5.3 Developing fluency

5.4 Word identification strategies

5.5 Sight words

5.6 Terminology


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viii Case Studies in Preparation for the California Reading Competency Test ¿

Content Area 6: Spelling Instruction

6.1 Assessing spelling

6.2 Systematic spelling instruction

6.3 Spelling instruction in context

Domain III: Developing Reading Comprehension and Promoting

Independent Reading

Content Area 7: Reading Comprehension

7.1 Assessing reading comprehension

7.2 Fluency and other factors affecting comprehension

7.3 Facilitating comprehension

7.4 Different levels of comprehension

7.5 Comprehension strategies

Content Area 8: Literary Response and Analysis

8.1 Assessing literary response and analysis

8.2 Responding to literature

8.3 Literary analysis

Content Area 9: Content Area Literacy

9.1 Assessing content area literacy

9.2 Different types of texts and purposes for reading

9.3 Study skills

Content Area 10: Student Independent Reading

10.1 Encouraging independent reading

10.2 Supporting at-home reading

Domain IV: Supporting Reading Through Oral and Written

Language Development

Content Area 11: Relationships Among Reading, Writing, and Oral Language

11.1 Assessing oral and written language

11.2 Oral language development

11.3 Written language development

11.4 Supporting English language learners

Content Area 12: Vocabulary Development

12.1 Assessing vocabulary knowledge

12.2 Increasing vocabulary knowledge

12.3 Strategies for gaining and extending meanings of words

Content Area 13: Structure of the English Language

13.1 Assessing English language structures

13.2 Differences between written and oral English

13.3 Applying knowledge of the English language to improve reading

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