Case Studies in School Leadership: Keys to a Successful Principalship

By The ETS (The Educational Testing Service)

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 19, 2005

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Letter to the Reader from the National Association of Secondary School Principals

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Chapter 1:    Introduction

Chapter 2:    Evidence-Centered Decision Making

Contributors to Chapters 3-8

Chapter 3:    Standard 1:  The Vision of Learning

         Case Study 1:    Jefferson Elementary School

        Case Study 2:    Lincoln High School

Chapter 4:    Standard 2:  The Culture of Teaching and Learning

        Case Study 3:    Washington Elementary School

        Case Study 4:    Adams High School

Chapter 5:    Standard 3:  The Management of Learning

        Case Study 5:    Tyler Elementary School

        Case Study 6:    Monroe High School

Chapter 6:    Standard 4:  Relationships with the Broader Community to Foster Learning

        Case Study 7:    Wilson Middle School

        Case Study 8:    Taft High School

Chapter 7:    Standard 5:  Integrity, Fairness, and Ethics in Learning

        Case Study 9:    Roosevelt High School

        Case Study 10:  Jackson Middle School

Chapter 8:    Standard 6:  The Political, Social, Economical, Legal, and Cultural Contexts of Learning

        Case Study 11:  Truman Elementary School

        Case Study 12:  Grant High School

Chapter 9:    Next Steps

Appendix A:  Components of Professional Practice for School Leaders


List of Figures


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