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Cases in Macro Social Work Practice, 3rd Edition

By David P. Fauri, Stephen P. Wernet, F. Ellen Netting

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Apr 11, 2007


The Third Edition of Cases in Macro Social Work Practice provides relevant, contemporary, macro practice case scenarios that reflect practice dilemmas and challenges typically experienced by social workers in organizational, community, and policy practice areas.  


It emphasizes the change process in both domestic and international settings by using a theoretical and practice perspective, and follows the outline of the Fourth Edition of Social Work Macro Practice--written by F. Ellen Netting, Peter Kettner, and Steven McMurtry. 


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Table of Contents

About the Editors                  

About the Contributors


PART I Introduction


Using the Case Method in the Classroom

The Case Method: An Introduction

    Conceptual Background:The Case Method in Education for the Professions

    Using Cases as Learning Tools

Theories, Concepts, and Practice Applications: Selecting Cases in This Book According to Themes


PART II Understanding Problems and Populations


1   Lee and the Amazing Multifaceted Community Needs Assessment


                    by Marsha A. Marley, Mary E. Rogge, and Robin L. Ersing


2   Hate Crimes Legislation: Legislative Advocacy for the GLBT Community


                    by D. Veronica Creech, Stephen P.Wernet, and Jeff Wunrow


3   The Underground Advocates: Legislative Advocacy for and with Service Users with Disabilities


                    by Stephen French Gilson


4   The Guatemalan Stove Project


                    by Melissa L. Abell


PART III The Community as the Arena of Change


5   The Reverend and Me: Faith Communities and Public Welfare


                    byRobert Wineburg


6   Riverton: Envisioning a Sustainable Community


                    by Jonathan Scherch


7   The Native Hawaiian Children’s Center: Changing Methods from Casework to Community Practice


                    by Elizabeth A. Mulroy and Jon K. Matsuoka


8   Lindblom County:How Diversity Influenced Philanthropic Sufficiency


                    by Roger A. Lohmann


PART IV The Organization as the Arena of Change


9   Growing Hope: Strategic Planning and Organizational Change


                    by Alan Erdman and Stephen P.Wernet


10   The Women’s Co-op:The Clash of Two Organizational Cultures


                    by Cheryl A. Hyde


11   When Community Mental Health Meets Public Managed Care


                    by Diane Vinokur-Kaplan and Patricia Miller


12   Recognizing the Realities: Managing Biculturally


                    by Dwight Jackson and Stephen P.Wernet


PART V Changing Macro Systems


13   The Coffee Break: Supervisor—Employee Relationships at Risk


                    byDavid P. Fauri


14   KingsHaven and YOU: Managing Volunteers


                    byNancy Macduff and F. Ellen Netting


15   Carol’s Value Dilemmas: Implementing Public Services for Disabled Elders


                    by Sharon M. Keigher


16  Organizing in Jacinto: Getting In and Getting Started


                    byMary Katherine O’Connor




Cases in Macro Social Work Practice, 3rd Edition

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