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Celebration of Literature and Response, A: Children, Books, and Teachers in K-8 Classrooms, 3rd Edition

By Marjorie R. Hancock

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Aug 31, 2007

Table of Contents

Chapter 1        Reader Response to Literature: From Rosenblatt's theory to Classroom Practice

Chapter 2        Literature, Teaching, and Reader Response: Blending Books and Readers in the Classroom

Chapter 3        The Art of the Picture Book: Blending Illustration and Text

Chapter 4        Traditional Tales and Modern Fantasy: The Domain of Imagination

Chapter 5        Poetry: The Power and Pleasure of Language

Chapter 6        Realistic and Historical Fiction: The Boundary of Reality

Chapter 7        Biography and Informational Books: The Realm of Nonfiction

Chapter 8        Multicultural and International Literature: Appreciating Cultural and Global Diversity

Chapter 9        Talking About Books: From Oral Response to Literature Conversations

Chapter 10      Literature Response Journals: Written Reflections During Reading

Chapter 11      Literature as a Model for Writing: Apprenticing the Author's Craft

Chapter 12      Drama, Art, and Music: Expressive Arts as Response

Chapter 13      Response to Nonfiction: Blending Efferent and Aesthetic Response

Chapter 14      Interdisciplinary and Intertextual Connections: Response Through Literature Clusters, Theme Explorations, and Twin Texts/Technology

Chapter 15      Documenting Response to Literature: Authentic Perspectives